Wed Words: Anti Bucket List


Okay, so I’m not going to lie… I had no freaking clue what an Anti Bucket List was. Then when I read the description of “things not to do before you die” I still didn’t get it. I was like, “Isn’t that just a list of things opposite of my dreams? That’s stupid.” LOL but I called on my good friend Mr. Google and decided to see if there was a better explanation since no one else had asked for clarification of this week’s topic (and I didn’t want to be the one who pulled a “I don’t get it…”). 🙂 In my search, I came across this Anti Bucket List post and suddenly it made sense! Yay! It’s not really opposites of my dreams, it’s more like, “You couldn’t pay me to…” which technically we already did last year so now I have to think of a new list. :p

I’m struggling though because I’m kind of a “never say never” kind of girl so I don’t want to jinx myself. I mean, I used to say I’d never go on a cruise but now I’ve been on two and love them… I’m totally singing Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” now, by the way.

Anyway let’s see what I can cook up…

I will never be a hunter. I know that most hunters do it for a good reason, but it’s just not something I can do. The only animal I’ve ever intentionally killed was a bat and it was awful and I’m pretty sure I’m suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of it. I eat meat, but I don’t want to be the one who kills it. I sometimes even get weirded out when cooking meat.

I will never like bats. I don’t even like writing, typing or saying the word but I’ve already said it twice in this post. *does heebie jeebie dance* I am 100% absolutely terrified of them. I tried to face that fear last year and it only made things about 10,000 times worse so no… Never. (Note: please don’t tell me your experiences with the flying rodent bastards in the comments or tell me how much you love them. It doesn’t help. It actually makes things worse. It’s kind of like buying a pit bull for someone who is terrified of dogs. Just say no.)

I’ll never ride a motorcycle. I’ve known too many people who have died in motorcycle accidents. I’m not a fan. I did ride one once as a kid, but never again.

I’ll never like raw tomatoes. They’re slimy and nasty. I’ve retried them many times. No bueno.

I’ll never go on a haunted anything. I believe in spirits and ghosts and stuff but I don’t want to seek them out. I don’t like ghost stories, I don’t see movies about hauntings, and I’m never going to be like, “Let’s go stay in that haunted hotel, it’ll be awesome!”

I’ll never go scuba diving. I’m a Cancer and love the water but I also fear it. Most specifically water that is deeper than I am tall and wider than I can see. As cool as I think scuba diving could be, I know I could never do it because just the thought of the hugeness of the ocean freaks me out.

So there you have it… My anti bucket list.

Let’s see what the girls won’t do. :p
Bronwyn | Jenny | Jessica | Kris | Gwendolyn

10 responses to “Wed Words: Anti Bucket List

  • Bronwyn

    So the haunted theatre tour in Calumet is out next retreat? We can always go fondle yarn instead. 🙂


  • tracy

    With you on most of these! Motorcycle and scuba and haunted stuff – all crazy to me. Happy that you are in a bat-free home now.

    I freaked out a bit when one of the alpaca farmers said he had and will eat his alpacas. It made sense, but no bueno. I think I could be a farmer or hunter, but I’d have to go in knowing that they were going to be food, not pets. Yikes.


    • Kel

      Me too! Although I still have trouble worrying that they’ll get in this house and I have nightmares about them. Bastard rodents!

      He eats his alpaca?! OMG! So sad! I mean, I guess I get it but… Noooo! I couldn’t eat a pet.


  • Gwen Cease

    I’m with you on the swimming in the ocean! There’s no way because you just never know what’s lurking down there. As for haunted, I went on what was purportedly a haunted tour . . in fact, I’ve been on two and yeah, I didn’t see a daggone thing. But it was a nice evening so there you go.


    • Kel

      I’ve been in the ocean up to about my boobs, that’s as far as I go. 🙂 in the Bahamas the water is pretty calm (and that amazing aqua blue plus crazy warm) so it’s not as scary. In Florida I’ve only gone about knee high.

      LOL it was an anti haunted tour!


  • jarmanjess

    With you on a lot of these. Hunting doesn’t bother me though, but I grew up with hunters so…*shrug*

    I would say we’ll drop you at Camelot yarn when we go do the theatre tour, but then I’d probably end up all alone at the damned theatre while you all are fondling yarn. And I will do haunted places, but I will not do them alone.


    • Kel

      LMFAO that’s such a funny image. We’re all like “Yarrrrn!” And you’re like, “Where the hell is everyone?” But yeah, if that happens I’ll just hang at the cottage and watch the tv we never turn on. 🙂


  • Pansy Petal

    Oh my! I have done or wouldn’t mind doing anything on your list. *sigh* But, that being said, can I hang with y’all looking at the Yarn? 😀 I will admit, I am a yarn junkie.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Kris Norris

    Never fear Jess I will go to the haunted theatre with you. I’m cool. I’ve done most of your anti list, lol… but I don’t hunt. Won’t do that either, unless the zombies come…

    Liked by 1 person

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