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Blog Pimp (Family Edition): Bury Me With My Needles

Sarah who runs the Bury Me With My Needles blog is actually a distant cousin of mine.  We met years ago at a family reunion but that’s it. Thanks to my mom’s cousin’s wife Joyce though I was able to come across Sarah’s blog and holy cow does she do some fun things with yarn!

Seriously? How cute?


Who would have guessed that two girls who met years ago would both end up to be lovers of knitting?  I’m looking forward to learning more about her while also seeing what else she comes up with!

More Shades

People are probably getting sick of my 50 Shades of Grey posts, but guess what? I don’t care.  This issue is near and dear to my heart and those of us who see the truth behind this book need to keep speaking up.

Yesterday my buddy Jennifer Armintrout whose 50 Shades recaps I’ve mentioned several times posted something that broke my heart.  It’s exactly why I feel so strongly that these books are doing a diservice to women and the media is only making it worse.

I beg of you, go read Jen’s post.  Another 50 Shades PSA.  Now with added author breakdown.

Then if you haven’t read her chapter by chapter recaps, have a look at them.  Even if you liked the 50 Shades books, you can’t possibly read these recaps without seeing them in a different light.

Blog Pimp: GRRWG

This weekend I officially joined a writers group!  The Grand Rapids Region Writers Group (GRRWG) is a pretty awesome group of people who are at all different levels of their writing careers.  Part of being a member means that I’ve now got a fabulous mentor who rocks my socks on a daily basis and who writes awesome books… Bronwyn Green. Seriously… go buy her books!

Another thing that I get to do now that I’m a member of GRRWG is be a part of their blog. So on the 25th of each month I get to ramble about something over there in addition to my ramblings here!  🙂  I have no idea what I’ll be writing about, but I generally don’t know what I’m going to write here either!

So feel free to check out the GRRWG blog (especially on the 25th) and check out Bronwyn’s stuff too!  The link above is to her book website (adults only!), but her blog is over in the Blogroll to the right too.

Photo Challenge Day 1-5

The most awesome Miss Mollie over at Wild Olive is always bursting with crafty creativeness.  A short while back she made a post about a 30-Day Photo Challenge that she’s participating in after she found it at the Oh So Lovely blog.  I was, of course, late to the game (they’re on Day 17, I’m on Day 5), but still think that the 30-Day Photo Challenge is brilliant so I’m doing it too, just not in correspondence to the month of August.  In fact, I’m sort of not even always doing it every day… but I’m doing it in order and I will try my best not to take forever to do it. *grin*

Here’s the list…



30 Days

And here, are my first few days of the challenge…

Day One – Self Portrait

Here I am, looking a little overly boobalicious.

Day Two - What I Wore
Day Two – What I Wore

Michigan is currently experiencing what scientists are saying is the worst mosquito season in 20 years.  There’s evidence of this all over my body.  The stinkin little vampires attack at all times of day and also enjoy sneaking into the house to feast on our blood when we’re sleeping.  Note to self and others, a mosquito bite on the boob is a real pain in the boob and makes sitting at a desk all day difficult.  Continue reading

Another Blog Pimp: The Andersons

Random blog surfing has led me to find this blog:

And in that blog I found a very fun idea that I totally plan to steal. *grin* The lovely Ms. Emily posted 29 things that she’s accomplished in her life because she’s about to turn 30. What a cool idea! Although my list is going to be a little longer than hers. *ahem* But yeah, it sort of goes along with my A is for Aging Gracefully post so I likey and I’m going to make my own list! Thanks for the great idea, Emily!

Blog Pimp for a Good Cause

Earthchicknits is a fellow blogger, sew-er, knitter and curly haired person (seriously, curls to make you weep!). She posted a lovely post today about a very special anniversary that she’s celebrating, that of the day she did not lose her son but very easily could have. How much do YOU know about sandhole collapses?

Check out her post “Anniversary of a Rescue” and then take some time to peruse her blog and drool over the absolutely gorgeous yarn she spins! Here’s a tease…


Blog Pimp & A Challenge

Morning By Morning

While blog stalking I found both a blog that I think I love, and and idea that I think is pretty darn cool. Morning By Morning is a blog by a gal named Stacey who is a mom, a photog, a crafter, a lover of Pyrex, obsessed with thrift shops, and not to mention she’s a fellow Belieber so I have to love her! Her blog is a simple yet beautiful one to visit with great crafty posts and lovely photographs of everyday life with her little guy. She shares things like her “Project Restyle” series where she takes something “old” and upcylces it into something new and wonderful (very HGTV, I likey!), along with pictures of her awfully adorable cats, thrift shop finds and other goodies. So yeah, check her out… she’s over in the blog roll to your right —>

Photo Credit: MiChiMa's Etsy Shop*

The idea that I’m ganking from Ms. Stacey is the Alphabet Challenge. Although I don’t know the specific rules of this challenge, I’m pretty sure I can make up my own rules and play the game however I want because yes, this is my blog and I’ll do what I wanna! *grin* But I gather that the gist of the idea is to create a post for each letter of the alphabet. I can do that… easy peasy, right? I will not put a time limit on myself by saying that it’s going to be a daily thing because let’s face it… that won’t happen. But I will finish the whole alphabet eventually thus adding 26 fantastical posts to this here blog. I won’t even follow in Doodlebutt’s steps by combining the letters L M N O and P into the phrase “M a little Pee” no matter how freaking adorable it is! Heck, I’m not even going to start the challenge in this post, so take that!

I think the challenge will be a fun one and I’m already thinking of different things that I can use for the letters (although I’m trying to not plan ahead too much, as I want this to be more of a random challenge). So stay tuned and keep your eyes out for upcoming Alphabet Challenge posts!

Oh and for those of you celebrating this weekend whether you’re celebrating in a church, temple, or just your living room with a box of peeps and some decorative grass… Happy Easter!

*MiChiMa’s Etsy Shop

Blog Pimp -Wild Olive

I love coming across new blogs to add to my blog roll. Yes, I often forget to actually check the blog roll and read the blogs… but I love having them handy when I do in fact use them.

Today’s gem of a site is called Wild Olive and it’s by Mollie Johnson. I came across this blog last night thanks to the fabulous Feeling Stitchy blog and immediately fell in love. Mollie has awesome tutorials, great photos, and a super cute mascot! Need proof?

Seriously… an olive making a joke about the running stitch? I’m so in love!

She even has free embroidery patterns to share that are uber cute and provides printable PDF copies of her tutorials as well as other awesomely awesome things, the woman is a crafty genius! And it’s not just limited to embroidery either, she’s a wealth of craftiness!

So if you love the crafty like I do, check out Mollie and her olive friend over at Wild Olive!

Lazy Blogger

Because I apparently have misplaced my blogging mojo (again) I give you a link to a post that a Twitter friend posted this morning that cracked me up.  Go read it, and enjoy!  I promise to try and make a real post soon. 🙂

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