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Wednesday Words: WIP

This week’s topic is “Behind the scenes of my latest project.”  I assume that this post is supposed to be about my current writing work in progress since we’re all writers, but since I haven’t written anything but case notes, reports, and a few blog posts lately, I can’t really share that with you.  I’m still working on the same writing projects that I’ve been working on for ages. I did begin plotting a sequel to my fanfic Double Exposure when I was on my cruise last October with my number one DE groupie.  I really, really, want to start it but I haven’t figured out exactly how I want to write it, and then there’s that whole issue of finding the time to write. So yeah… no writing has happened.

I decided a few weeks ago when I was deep in a depression funk that I simply need to have more time for creativity in my life.   Even if I’m only getting in thirty minutes a day of something creative, it’s better than the big fat nothing that I’d been getting.  I got caught up on my paperwork for my job which was a huge relief, and I’ve been trying really hard to get in those 30 minutes, or more, of creative goodness each day.

Sadly, writing hasn’t yet been a part of those daily treats.  Mostly because a measly half hour of writing time isn’t enough for me.  But trust me, my muse has been itching for some attention since I started working creativity back into my daily life.  🙂  What I have been doing though is knitting, doodling, and reading (I consider reading a creative art because it often encourages my own writing… so there!).

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Blog Pimp (Family Edition): Bury Me With My Needles

Sarah who runs the Bury Me With My Needles blog is actually a distant cousin of mine.  We met years ago at a family reunion but that’s it. Thanks to my mom’s cousin’s wife Joyce though I was able to come across Sarah’s blog and holy cow does she do some fun things with yarn!

Seriously? How cute?


Who would have guessed that two girls who met years ago would both end up to be lovers of knitting?  I’m looking forward to learning more about her while also seeing what else she comes up with!

Photo-A-Day May 16

what you're reading

what you’re reading

I’m a pretty avid reader but I’m in a bit of a funk with the book I’ve been reading.  I’ve stalled and can’t seem to get going.  But… as of last night I started a new knitting project so that’s what I’ve been reading today.  The Carousel sock pattern from It’s a pretty awesome pattern and I’m loving it, although I’m pretty sure I’m going to change yarns because I’m not digging the results yet.

Here’s a picture of what the socks could look like.  Pretty awesome, yes?

Photo-A-Day May 14 & 15


I’ve always loved the color green.  Even when I thought my favorite color was something else, there was always a love for the color green in there.  I can remember the green crayon in a pack of Crayola’s being my favorite.  I used to make sure that my pictures always had grass and trees in them so that I could use my green crayon. 🙂



I’m a knitter and if there’s one thing you should know about knitters is that we generally are the ones giving the knitting while no one really knits for us.  I’m a part of our local Knitting Guild here though and six months ago we were given the opportunity to participate in a secret swap.  Each participant had to bring in enough of their yarn to make a scarf, cowl, or shawl.  I picked a scarf because I’m not a shawl or cowl person.  The yarn that each person brought was then packed up into secret brown paper bags and mixed up among other members.  I got someone’s yarn and had to make a scarf for her while someone else got my yarn and made a scarf for me.  Tonight was the reveal night and I got my scarf back.  I’m in LOVE!  I’ve had this sock yarn for a few years and have always loved it but never picked a project for it.  Judy who did the knitting for me made this beautiful scarf and I just adore it.  It’s so wonderful to have someone knit for me for a change!

Still Here

It’s been a while, huh? NaNoWriMo back in November sort of sucked the life out of me and then I was working on all sorts of Christmas gifts which took up all of my writing and blogging time. After the holidays I was served up a massive helping of Drama at work that just sucked ass, and now I almost feel like things are kinda sorta getting back to normalish again. 🙂

I have actually been writing. I managed to get one lonely chapter of a book finished in the past month or so, and I have a partially finished blog post in the notebook that’s in my knitting bag. The only reason I haven’t yet typed it up is because it’s on a very personal topic and it kind of kicked my ass when I wrote it last week. In fact I broke down in tears while writing part of it and I was in public at the time, which for me is a really big no no. I cry over things like movies and commercials and children performing, but I don’t generally cry over my own stuff. So the fact that I not only cried but cried in a coffee shop is a big deal… which in turn has made revisiting it to type, edit and post kind of low on the totem pole. I will post it though… I promise. 🙂 Just not today.

I posted earlier this week on Facebook that my life was suffering from a lack or artsy creative stuff this week. Thankfully though it’s been a rather artsy season so far despite this week’s lack of production.

I’ve been making jewelry…
Earrings for Jilly

Bracelet for Jill

Necklace for Shawn

I’ve been embroidering…
Bag for Jude

Scrubs for Heather

I’ve been knitting…
Lace for Anne

Multi-directional Sock Scarf

I’ve been snapping photos of seriously adorable kitties…

Toothless Wonder

We call him "Mew Mew"

Ooh and since the first of the year I’ve read six books which really makes me happy (my 2010 book count was 32). If you’re interested in seeing what exactly I’ve been reading, check out the GoodReads link on the sidebar.

So although I haven’t been blogging and I haven’t been writing as much as I would like, I have been a busy chick. What creative goodness are you up to lately?

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