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You might be a…

Greetings, readers!

This week we’re pretending to be Jeff Foxworthy and making up our own “You might be a ___ if…” lists.  I thought about a handful of different topics to do; Crafter, Knitter, Aunt, Sister, Biracial, etc.  But to be honest, I’m typing this while I’m supposed to be working a on report for work so all I can think of is work. 🙂  Therefore I give you…

You Might Be a Social Worker if…

  • You say things like, “So what I hear you saying is…”
  • You often wish you had a social worker of your own to do the things for you that you do for your clients.
  • You think it’s fun to watch episodes of Hoarders and Intervention.
  • You enjoy reading psychological evaluations.
  • You regularly use words like “intervention,” “substantiation,” “central registry,” and “assessment.”
  • When you enter a room, you have to sit somewhere that you can view all entrances and exits.swvoice
  • Your “flexible schedule” means that you have no life and have to drop everything to deal with client needs.
  • You’re considered a “moblie worker” which means you don’t get a desk and have to work wherever you can find room for your laptop.
  • You often dream of quitting and going to work at Target.
  • When people hear what your job is they say things like, “I couldn’t do what you do.”
  • When you see a former client in public and can’t remember their name you hope they don’t see you.
  • You get excited to go to training because it means you don’t have to do home visits.
  • You’ve called the police on your clients.
  • You can pick up the smell of weed like a hunting dog.
  • You know what the “dirty house” smell is.
  • You dream about your cases.sw
  • The only time you’re up to date on paperwork is when you’re about to go on vacation.
  • The sound of your phone ringing/text message/email alert fills you with dread because it could mean a work crisis.
  • You have no savings, no retirement (because the agency froze it after you were hired), and live paycheck to paycheck.
  • You could use assistance as much as your clients do but you “make too much money.”
  • You eat meals in your car between home visits.
  • You’ve been in homes that could’ve easily been on Hoarders.
  • You’re basically a counselor, teacher, daycare worker, maid, driver, advocate, and personal assistant all rolled into one job that pays less than all of those titles.
  • You get annoyed when other people talk about how hard their jobs are and how broke they are when they’re making double what you make and don’t have to deal with anything close to what you deal with each day.
  • You get home but you’re still not done working and your family doesn’t understand why you can’t just spend time with them.lol
  • You choose family over paperwork even though you know it’ll just put you further behind.
  • You get excited for cases with babies because they can’t talk back to you and generally enjoy a good snuggle.
  • When a client asks you if you have children you want to say, “If you had cancer, would you only take advice from a doctor who’d had cancer themselves?”kitty
  • You know what Compassion Fatigue is and you’ve had it for a long time.
  • You regularly search for a new job.
  • It totally makes your day when a client who you totally didn’t think liked you says something nice.
  • You see the statement, “I didn’t go into social work for the pay” and follow it up in your head with,”But I expected to be able to pay my bills.”IMG_2002
  • You can make just about anything strength based if you have to.  She’s not a liar, she’s a creative thinker!
  • You’ve been told that you’re not a “real” social worker unless you have a MSW.
  • You have stories that would make people laugh, cry, and be totally grossed out.
  • You often find yourself feeling like crap and then realize that you haven’t eaten all day because you’ve been so busy dealing with other peoples lives.
  • Family members and other professionals look down on you for being a social worker but you’re the first person they call in a crisis.
  • You know that despite how absolutely insane your job is, you’ve planted a lot of seeds and hope that you’ve made at least a little bit of a difference in your client’s lives.

And let’s see what the other ladies have come up with this week. 🙂

Bronwyn | Kris | Gwen

Wednesday Words: Difficult Words


This week we’re supposed to be talking about the most difficult thing we’ve ever written.  Because I almost always have a song in my head that relates to what I’m talking about, I’ve been singing this song every time I think about typing this post. LOL

I suppose the most difficult thing I ever wrote was a short story that I wrote for a creative writing course that I took for fun between degrees.  I can’t remember what the prompt was, but I wound up writing a true story even though it was supposed to be fiction.  I wrote about my experience the night that someone in my family attempted suicide and II made it into a first person story.  The subject was difficult, of course, but more so was putting words to all of the feelings I had that night and following day.  Then of course there was the worry that the story wouldn’t be “good enough” for the class.  I remember getting the paper back from the teacher, who was kind of an asshole and didn’t understand the creative part of creative writing.  He didn’t particularly like the piece, but of course he didn’t know that what he read had actually happened. I was just happy to have finally written it out for myself and shared it with the class even though people didn’t know it was true.

Another thing that I wrote that was difficult was my coming out letter to my family.  I’m naturally shy and so telling my family anything was difficult.  I also didn’t want to be like,”Gather round, everyone, let me tell you a story!”  So I wrote a letter, printed it out and mailed a copy to my mom, dad, brother, sister in law, and my sister in law’s mom.  :p  Not only did I come out as bisexual, but I also told them for the first time about my dysthymia and that I was taking medication for it.  I don’t know why I was so damn scared, because they all took it really well, but I was terrified that at least one of them was going to be a jerk about it.  Well… someone was a jerk, but not to my face.  Honestly, I think I was most worried that my being bi would seem like a let down to my mom or dad because there was the possibility that I wouldn’t have a traditional marriage/relationship which I assumed they always hoped I would have.  But now that we’re seeing marriage equality slowly but surely sweeping the nation, I’m not so worried about that anymore. 🙂

Now, let’s see what the girls all had to say about this topic. 🙂

JessJessica | Kris | Gwen | Bronwyn

Wednesday Words: Thank You

Dear Michigan,

Thank you for being shaped like a mitten so that we always have a map of the state with us.  For being surrounded by awesome huge Great Lakes that are like oceans without the salt and sharks.  For being so darn pretty and having four different seasons.  (Even though it’s sometimes so cold here that it literally hurts.)

Thank you for the monks you house in the UP who make amazing muffins and who one day might possibly make bagels for Norris.  Thank you for having the panic inducing scary-ass Mackinac Bridge… without it we’d have to take a ferry from the Lower Peninsula to the Upper Peninsula and it would take way longer to get to lunch at Clyde’s. 

Thank you for the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, and the Michigan State University Spartans. And for putting GVSU only an hour and a half drive from me since having my baby brother further away would be torture! 

Thank you for funky city names like Sagautuk, Okemos, and Kalamazoo that help us identify outsiders when they pronounce things wrong.  Thanks being so close to those awesome Canadians and for letting us use most of the Canadian coins here without trouble. 

Thank you for Faygo, New York Seltzer, and Vernors. Thank you for using the word pop instead of soda.

Thank you for Kid Rock, Eminem, Unckle Kracker, Fun., JK Simmons, Magic Johnson, Taylor Lautner, Derek Jeter, Michael Raymond, Jenny Trout, Bronwyn Green, Lara Zielin, Jessica Jarman, Kellogg, Motown, and yeah… Even Madonna. We still claim her even though she doesn’t claim us. 

Thank you for being my home!




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Wednesday Words : Favorite Websites

This month’s list of favorite things is all about websites.  So here we go!

Imdb.com – I love that at any time I can look up an actor find out what they’ve been up to, settle a disagreement about a movie or tv show, and view trailers. Today we were watching The Bodyguard and I thought, “I wonder what the guy who played the little boy Fletcher looks like now…” Thanks to IMDB, I know. 🙂

Instagram.com – I’m a photo junkie. Always have been. I love that IG is kind of mix of Twitter with pictures but without the bullshit drama often found on Facebook. I get to follow adorable animals, celebrities, fellow crafters, and all sorts of people. Plus, the IG community is kind of amazing.  (My IG link is in the sidebar.)

Facebook.com – Time suck galore, but I love being able to connect with people all over the world so easily.

Google.com – The Google is my friend. 

Ravelry.com – Knitting/crochet community, database, pattern resource etc. much like Pinterest, it can be a massive time suck that avtually takes away from actual crafting… But I love being a le to search for patterns and see what other people are making. 

Goodreads.com – I love being able to keep track of how many books I read each year, find new books to read, save lists of book I want to read, and occasionally write a review if I feel like it. 🙂 

Oh and two bonus sites that make me giggle til I cry…

Damnyouautocorrect.com – I can’t go to this site often because I laugh so hard it hurts. Seriously, best mood enhancer ever.

Stuffonmycat.com – I used to visit this one daily. It’s just silly goodness. 🙂 

Happy surfing!

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Wednesday Words – 5 words or less


My Life

My Family


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Wed Words: Anti Bucket List


Okay, so I’m not going to lie… I had no freaking clue what an Anti Bucket List was. Then when I read the description of “things not to do before you die” I still didn’t get it. I was like, “Isn’t that just a list of things opposite of my dreams? That’s stupid.” LOL but I called on my good friend Mr. Google and decided to see if there was a better explanation since no one else had asked for clarification of this week’s topic (and I didn’t want to be the one who pulled a “I don’t get it…”). 🙂 In my search, I came across this Anti Bucket List post and suddenly it made sense! Yay! It’s not really opposites of my dreams, it’s more like, “You couldn’t pay me to…” which technically we already did last year so now I have to think of a new list. :p

I’m struggling though because I’m kind of a “never say never” kind of girl so I don’t want to jinx myself. I mean, I used to say I’d never go on a cruise but now I’ve been on two and love them… I’m totally singing Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” now, by the way.

Anyway let’s see what I can cook up…

I will never be a hunter. I know that most hunters do it for a good reason, but it’s just not something I can do. The only animal I’ve ever intentionally killed was a bat and it was awful and I’m pretty sure I’m suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of it. I eat meat, but I don’t want to be the one who kills it. I sometimes even get weirded out when cooking meat.

I will never like bats. I don’t even like writing, typing or saying the word but I’ve already said it twice in this post. *does heebie jeebie dance* I am 100% absolutely terrified of them. I tried to face that fear last year and it only made things about 10,000 times worse so no… Never. (Note: please don’t tell me your experiences with the flying rodent bastards in the comments or tell me how much you love them. It doesn’t help. It actually makes things worse. It’s kind of like buying a pit bull for someone who is terrified of dogs. Just say no.)

I’ll never ride a motorcycle. I’ve known too many people who have died in motorcycle accidents. I’m not a fan. I did ride one once as a kid, but never again.

I’ll never like raw tomatoes. They’re slimy and nasty. I’ve retried them many times. No bueno.

I’ll never go on a haunted anything. I believe in spirits and ghosts and stuff but I don’t want to seek them out. I don’t like ghost stories, I don’t see movies about hauntings, and I’m never going to be like, “Let’s go stay in that haunted hotel, it’ll be awesome!”

I’ll never go scuba diving. I’m a Cancer and love the water but I also fear it. Most specifically water that is deeper than I am tall and wider than I can see. As cool as I think scuba diving could be, I know I could never do it because just the thought of the hugeness of the ocean freaks me out.

So there you have it… My anti bucket list.

Let’s see what the girls won’t do. :p
Bronwyn | Jenny | Jessica | Kris | Gwendolyn

Wednesday Words: Top 5 Writing Distractions



Ah, distractions… I have many. 🙂 There’s pretty much always something getting in my way of doing the things I want to do. So much, in fact, that I often wonder who the heck is in charge of my life because it doesn’t seem like it’s me!

When it comes to writing though, my top five writing distractions are:

* Me – Probably the biggest thing that gets in the way of my writing is my own head. I’ll sit down to write and my head will think of ten bazillion reasons why I shouldn’t be writing or why I suck at writing or all of the other things I should be doing instead of writing. Yeah, my head can be a pretty busy place.

* Work – You’ve heard me talk about the woes of my job. On call 24/7, no set schedule, near constant crisis mode, and tons of paperwork. Need I say more?

* Family – It seems like when I finally do have some time to sit and write, one family member or another is needing or wanting my attention. Right now, for example I’m doing an overnight with my monsters and just as I sat down to write this, the youngest monster suddenly wanted to know how many dollars 50,000 pennies would be. 🙂 Now he’s telling me how good his best friend is at Guitar Hero. :p

* Pain/Fatigue – Let’s just say that having chronic pain sucks ass. I can be in the mood to write but my body physically can’t do it. Either my tendonitis is flaring up and my fingers hurt, or I have a migraine, or every joint in my body hurts. Then there’s the fatigue that comes with chronic illness. When I’d like to write but I’m simply all out of energy for the day.

* Moving – Okay, this isn’t a regular occurrence, thank goodness! But this week, it’s getting in the way. This week I have three days of work, then I’m off for a week for moving purposes. So we’re packing and purging and cleaning and planning, oh my! Friday we get the keys to our new place and start moving things over the weekend. So next week when it comes time for my blog post, I’ll be doing it in a whole new place!

And there you have it… five things that get in my way! Have a great week!

Bronwyn | Gwendolyn | Jessica | Kayleigh | Kris

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