Top Ten Lessons Learned from My Parents

This week we’re writing a top ten list of lessons we learned from our parents. I don’t know about you, but my parents are pretty awesome. šŸ˜

1. Be Brave/ Love Wins : My mom and dad, an interracial couple, got married in 1969 when interracial marriage was still illegal in some states. Being biracial is honestly one of things I’m most proud of. 

2. Friendships: My dad once told me that friendships were like bank accounts, you can’t keep withdrawing from them if you don’t put anything in. 

3. Laughter: My mom and I have so many inside jokes that keep us laughing over and over again. Giggling is good for the soul!

4. Music: Both of my parents have always loved an elclectic mix of music and even if they didn’t like something I liked, they never made a big deal about it and just let me be me. Now I listen to a little bit of everything.

5. Theater: My dad has been taking me to live theater since I was six years old. I adore being a theater nerd!

6. Movies: I’ve been a movie junkie since I can remember, back when movies were cheap we went practically every weekend. Movies are still a huge thing in our family. (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 on Thursday!!)

7. Book Love: My dad used to read books to me and would do all of the voices. I still remember how much I loved that, and once I was old enough to read novels, I just kept on going. Mom’s a big reader too!

8. Never Too Old: My mom had retired before deciding to pursue nursing. She went back to school, kicked ass in all of her classes, and followed her dreams.

9. It’s Okay to Be Scared: I had a huge fear of the dark, sleeping alone, and storms as a kid, not to mention crippling shyness. My mom never made me feel bad about it or tried to shame me into being brave.

10. Adulting: My mom and dad are the best example of what a divorced couple can be if they put in the effort. It took a while, but once they focused on parenting together instead of fighting all of the time they have been great role models on healthy parenting. 

Thanks, Mom and Dad! ā¤ļø

Now let’s see what nuggets of wisdom the other girls learned from their folks!

Jessica Jarman| Bronwyn Green | Jessica DeLaRosa | Paige Prince | Deelylah Mullin

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