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Wordless Wednesday: Love

Okay maybe a few words… I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything in so long.  Life got in the way for a while and then well… there’s that thing that happened on November 8th.  Ugh.  LOL I have a blog post brewing in my head about all of that, but not yet. 🙂

I’m going to try really hard to get back into blogging regularly though.  I just have to work it into my schedule. I also need to work actually WRITING into my schedule again because yeah I have a lot of that that needs to get done too and well… I have utterly sucked at it.

And now… love. ❤️




Love from my work twin.


Purple hair.






Halloween knitting.








15 yrs old






Da Mama.








Doodlebutt Prince.


New home!


So spoiled.









Something I’ve Always Want to Write… But Haven’t.

Aside from the Great American Novel, you mean? 🙂

Of course I’d love to write something that becomes majorly famous and is well loved by everyone… but having my small collection of groupies makes me happy too. 😉

There is one topic that I have wanted to write about but just haven’t done yet though.  I really want, at some point, to put my thoughts down about what the term “Cultural Appropriation” means to me as a biracial person.  The term gets thrown around ALLLL the damn time now and although I think some people mean well when they say it, at the same time they have no idea what it means when you’re of two cultures.

Honestly, it’s kind of a slap in the face and kind of an insult to me when I hear people claiming that something is appropriating such and such culture.  Because the way I look at it, if my white friend is supposedly appropriating black culture with her dread locs,  what does that mean about me? I’m both black AND white.  Am I appropriating white culture because I have “good hair?” Or am I appropriating black culture because my hair is curly and kinky?  Is my daily life appropriating black and white culture at all times because I am not just one or the other?  No.  I’m just being me.  But is the way I live a biracial culture?  I don’t think so… I think it’s a human culture.

That’s probably a stupid example… but I feel like the idea of cultural appropriation is stupid.  I feel like people are people and skin color doesn’t give anyone ownership over anything.  There are naturally blonde haired and blue eyed people with brown skin, and there are white people with kinky afros and none of it matters.  Should people be proud of who they are? Absolutely.  But if you like the way cornrows look and want to rock them, fucking do it! It doesn’t matter what color your skin is and you’re not stealing anyone’s culture by doing it.

The reason I haven’t written about this subject, and am not going to go much further right now, is because I know that sharing my views will piss some people off.  People who feel like they’re being warriors by pointing out when they feel like cultural appropriation is happening, people who don’t understand what it’s like to be biracial, and quite possibly half of my family.  Frankly, I’m not ready to be that punching bag.  I’ve seen good meaning biracial folks and biracial supporters try and speak up on this issue and get trashed by people who supposedly know more than them and feel the need to educate them.

Taye Diggs recently made a statement that he does not want his son (who is biracial) to grow up saying that he (the son) is a black man.  He wants his son to say he’s biracial (or mixed) because that’s what he is and calling himself just black would be denying half of his heritage.  I agree.  But the black community attacked Taye and went on and on about how he supposedly isn’t proud of his son’s black side and blah blah fucking blah. *insert extreme eye roll*  I don’t care if his kid grows up to be as dark chocolate as Taye himself, if he’s biracial he should be claiming that.  He’s not just black or just white no matter what he may look like on the surface.   I get pissed when people refer to President Obama as “The First African American President” because guess what?  He’s NOT!  He’s the first BIRACIAL President. Every time someone refers to him as just black or African American, they’re denying half of him.  They’re ignoring that amazing single mom, who happens to be white, who raised an amazing man.  Every time someone asks me to “choose one” on a form when it comes to ethnicity, they’re asking me to only choose half of who I am. It’s bullshit.

So yeah… someday I’ll write it.  Maybe.  🙂  For now though, I just sigh and keep on scrolling when it comes to cultural appropriation. It’s hard sometimes, but better to do that over getting attacked for what I believe, right?


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Nostalgic Notes – Books


I’m going to be the ever lame one and just link to an old post that we did about favorite books because yeah… life and stuff.  My favorites haven’t really changed since the last time we wrote about them. 🙂 I’m sure I’ve added to the list, but to be honest, I just can never think of favorite books when people ask me about the topic. :p

So… go here if you want to re-read, or you weren’t around the last time we had this subject.  🙂

Otherwise, check out what the other ladies have to say because they probably actually wrote something new. 😀

Also… I have a post coming up about why the heck I’ve missed so many of our scheduled blog posts… it’s just not done yet. LOL


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A Letter to 16 Year Old Kel

  Dear 16 Year Old Me,

Of all of the things I can tell you from the future, the most important one is that you are right.  You do have clinical depression and you’re not “just going through a phase” or “have a school phobia.” You will graduate high school AND college just like you promised Mom and Dad you would when you dropped out of 10th grade.  You know exactly what you need to finish school… fight for it.  Sadly, you won’t be 25 until your diagnosis of Dysthymia, but you were right and all of those so-called “professionals” were wrong. You’re not crazy, you’re not stubborn (well, not when it come to this at least), you’re not a drama queen, and you’re not doing it for attention… you just have a chemical imbalance and a fuck-ton of anxiety.   Meds will help, but you’ll still struggle and have to work hard at overcoming some of your fears.  Word to the wise, don’t ever try to face your fear of bats… it’ll backfire horribly and give you PTSD. Just get Mom to do it. 🙂

You’re going to get a chance to be a big sister and it’s going to be great. It’s a long weird story that I won’t spoil for you.  But the sweetest, most amazing Peanut will come into your life just when you think you’ll never be a big sister and it’ll be so cool.

Don’t be afraid of cruises, they’re actually pretty awesome and you won’t freak out.

Don’t stop writing! Someone will try and talk you out of pursuing journalism because it doesn’t pay the bills, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop writing.  Just write because it makes you happy.  Fan fiction… look it up. 😉

This thing called the Internet is going to rock your world and bring some pretty awesome things and people into your life.  Have fun with it, but just be aware that not everyone who seems like they’re going to stay in your life forever will actually do so.  Some will hurt you, but you’ll be so much stronger afterward.

Be your own advocate when it comes to your health!  You know when your body feels wrong and if you come across a doctor who wants to blame everything on your weight or say “You’re too young to be in that much pain,” leave and get another doctor.  You are the expert of you. It’s hard to speak up, especially since you’ve got a history of shitty doctors not listening to you, but you can do it!  Get your bitch on, she’s in there and she’s fabulous!

Curls Rock Amplifier will change your curls forever!  Find it and never let it go!

Don’t give your phone number to the dude who flirts with you at Burger King when you’re buying Backstreet Boys toys.  He’s a stalker who will make you consider changing your phone number.  Just say no.  As for the Backstreet Boys… oh, honey, enjoy the ride!

You haven’t met your best friend yet.  The one who is your bestie right now will get all weird and kinda break your heart when she decides that dating a bigot is okay even though she’s been your best friend for years and years.  But the one you’ll meet soon is super cool… you’ll even get matching tattoos one day.  Yes, you get tattoos! Ink is fun!  Just don’t get one in Toronto in 2001 with the chick you’re on vacation with.  She’s one of those people who isn’t going to stick around. But you’ll have a ton of fun with her and learn a lot while she’s around.

I feel like I’ve said too much.  Just be the awesome you that you know you are. The world needs your sunshine, even when you feel like it doesn’t.

All my hugs,

39 Year Old You

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Promptly Penned: Rejected Calls

Promptly Penned

“I had all good intentions of writing something brilliant for this week’s prompt,” he told her honestly then left the statement hanging in the air.


“And… This is where you make up some stupid excuse to leave early and stop returning my calls.” He leaned back in his chair with a sigh.

She rolled her eyes, “Whatever, man… The only reason I’d disown you is for pulling the bullshit Woe Is Me – I’m Not Worthy card. I’m not your agent… Write or don’t write, that’s on you. Just don’t be a douchecanoe about it if you miss a deadline.  Cause you know that crap doesn’t work with me, got it?”

He smiled down at the still blank screen on his computer. His mind began to fill with words which would soon overflow and spill down his arms and out of his fingertips. She did that for him every time.  He shot her a quick glance, “Have I mentioned that you’re the best muse in the world?”

She nodded and placed a kiss on his temple before walking toward the door to leave him to his task, “Yeah, yeah. Don’t thank me, just write me something naughty.”


That’s all for this time! 🙂  Let’s see what the other girls have cooked up.

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Wednesday Words: 5 or less

My Past:

Difficult but full of love.

My Present:

Feeling more like me again.

My Future:

Will my body play nice?


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Flash Fiction – Old Barn (Jensen 9-12)

You’re getting a bunch of chapters today because in order to post the chapter for today’s photo there are several others you have to read first. 🙂 So get cozy, you’ll be reading a little more than usual today. Enjoy!

Oh and this beautiful man is who plays Miklos in my head. 😍😍image

Previous chapters  1  2  3  4  5  6  7 8

9 – Pie
“I’m so utterly useless in love…” I sighed to my mother as I sat on her couch. Krypto was curled up and sleeping in my lap. I’d stolen him from Josh for the day while he was busy at the hospital. Josh and Miklos were both coming over to my mother’s that evening for dinner. My aunts would be there too which was sure to be a hoot. My family had met, and fell in love with Josh, but until then had only heard stories of the famous Miklos.

Continue reading

Favorite Things: Holidays

I always used to say that Halloween was my favorite holiday. I still love it, but I also kind of hate it because of all the bat crap that’s around. I can handle a Batman logo and some really fake looking bats, but you’d be surprised at how many realistic looking and sounding flying bastards things there are in October. I was doing pretty well with my whole anxiety and was getting better at sleeping at night without panic attacks because it’s been over a year since my last incident with the fuckers. I even managed to sleep most of the summer with the windows open (with screens) which was HUGE for me. But now that it’s October there are triggers everywhere and my anxiety is rising with each “cute” flying bastard picture that people post on social media, and the realistic squeaks in Halloween commercials. Such a pain in my ass.

So although I love the costumes and trick or treating, the rest can suck it. LOL

I do, however, love the fall (no, it’s not a holiday but whatever!) Pusheen will demonstrate one of the reasons why…


Pumpkin pie is my favorite, Doddlebutt’s too! So I looooove fall. I do not drink pumpkin flavored coffee. I think it tastes like hot dog water. But actual pumpkin pie, yum!


And another her thing about fall… Thanksgiving! More pie, but also great food, family, giggles, the puking cow… Good times!


Oh and check this out! I finally got to go to Painting with a Twist (where you go drink wine and learn to paint a picture step by step) and brought this fun Halloween painting home… No flying bastards required!  The framed one was the original, other is mine).

image image

Thats all I have for now. I have a snoring Doodlebutt next to me and sleep is sounding mighty good! 😴

Don’t forget to check out what the other girls have to say about holidays!

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Wednesday Words: Writer’s Block

Hello my lovelies!

This week the bunch is supposed to be talking about how we deal with writer’s block.  I think this is absolutely hilarious as I have no idea what to write for this post. 🙂 To be totally honest, I don’t really have any specific tricks that I use to combat writer’s block.  I suppose if I were writing full time, it would be more of a big deal but I’m not so… if I can’t write, I can’t write.  It bothers me, but its not life shattering.


As for things that inspire me to write… I would say good movies, and good books.  When I see a movie that blows me away I think of the writing and I’m instantly inspired to write something that’s amazing too, or at least try.  Same thing happens when I read good books.  Or sometimes reading a BAD book inspires me because I’m like, “Yo… I can do so much better than this!”

Sometimes just stepping away from the piece I’m working on helps too.  Writing something else, or doing something totally not related to writing like knitting. 🙂  Hashing out ideas with awesome writer friends is also pretty cool too. 🙂

When you’re a newbie and you can pick the brains of published authors, that’s kind of awesome.  So I guess that means I have a few things that I use to combat writer’s block. 🙂  But that’s all I can think of because I’ve been writing reports and case notes ALLLLLL freaking day and my brain is kinda fried.

Bronwyn | Jessica

“Cause the remedy is experience…”

Hello, my darlings! 

I can’t recall if I blogged last week or not.  LOL I think maybe I did. But either way, greetings and salutations! 

This week’s topic is remedies that work or don’t work when we’re sick. Honestly, I don’t have any remedies that I can think of. Bronwyn is great for pulling some sort of sumthin sumthin out of her bag that’s supposed to help with random symptoms. 🙂 I, on the other hand, generally stick to my prescribed meds and OTC stuff.  Those don’t always work because I still don’t have an actual diagnosis for my chronic pain. I’m about 99% sure I have Fibromyalgia, but getting a diagnosis is tricky. 

So when I’m in more pain than usual, I take Aleeve, rest, ice/heat, and whine about it.  If my allergies flare up and my Zyrtec can’t handle it, I pop a Benedryl. I’ve tried massaging my lymph nodes and doing some weird tapping thing to help them drain, and even pressure points to help with anxiety and insomnia. I would love to try acupuncture if I ever get insurance that’ll cover it. Massage is awesome, but expensive, and I worry that if I do have fibro, one day massage is going to hurt too much. My shoulders and neck are typically on fire and full of knots, sometimes the things that people without chronic illness tell me to try works, but most of the time it doesn’t. Sometimes this leads people to assume that those of us with chronic pain are faking it, aren’t open to help, are drug seeking, or just want to complain but that’s not it at all.  It’s that what might help your occasional shoulder pain won’t touch my 24 hour a day shoulder pain because it’s different. Bronwyn gives one hell of a shoulder rub for when my pain is “normal,” btw. 😍

I suppose I do have one remedy but it’s not exactly for being sick, it’s for hiccups.  When you have them, eat a spoonful of peanut butter. That’s it.  Works every time. 🙂 

And now, because this post is so lame… Memes about chronic/invisible illnesses. 😃 



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P.S. I know I owe you guys some more chapters of my Jensen fic. But I need to add a chapter before I can do that and I haven’t had any time to write. Soon, hopefully!! (This is why I never write out of order!!!) 😋

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