2015 Year in Review

Ahh… 2015 in review.  Hmm… Yeah, I can’t barely remember what I wore to work yesterday, but let’s see what I can come up with as a review of the past year.  LOL  I would love to do a month to month recap but let’s be serious… that’s not going to happen.  I change planners like a crazy woman (although I’ve had my current planner since July! Go me!) so I don’t even know where a planner from last January is, let alone which one I was using at the time. 🙂  So, let’s just do some bullets, shall we?

In 2015…

  • I turned 39. It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be.  I’m not thinking much about the big 40 for this year yet though. 🙂
  • I moved back to civilization and away from flying rodent bastards. A year later I can say that my panic attacks are not nightly anymore but they still creep up pretty regularly.  I’m still afraid to watch the new Dracula movie despite my boyfriend being in it because of how many bats are in the film. It’s on my DVR but I’m scared that watching it will lead me into PTSD flashbacks.
  • I left the job of doom. 😀
  • I celebrated the passing of marriage equality while in a city called Gay, MI with my writer friends!
  • I still didn’t finish my Hue Shift Afghan nor the sweater I started knitting in 2014.
  • I still didn’t learn to crochet.
  • I reached my heaviest weight ever. Ugh.
  • I got a new iPhone after having hand me downs for years!
  • I went to see New Kids on the Block, Nelly and TLC in concert and it was amazing.
  • I contemplated booking the Backstreet Boys European Cruise but sadly had to back out because I hadn’t yet gotten my new job and wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep the commitment.
  • I read 21 books.
  • I did not get as much writing done as I would’ve liked, but I did start the still untitled Jensen story and I’m kind of loving it.
  • I successfully recruited Doodlebutt as a Four Seasons and Jersey Boys fan. We saw the play (with Drew Seeley!!!) too. 🙂
  • I didn’t travel enough. In fact, I don’t know if I even left the state in 2015. 😦
  • I went to too many funerals.
  • I sucked at meeting blog deadlines.
  • I was introduced to the world of infant mental health and I’m really interested in learning more and possibly getting endorsed in it.
  • I finally went to Painting with a Twist (three times!) and loved it!
  • I watched a whole lot of Disney Junior.
  • I began reading and fell in love with the Outlander series. Currently I’m on book three. 😀
  • I finally got back to the Detroit Zoo after not having been there in over thirty years.

In 2016:

  • I realized after writing this whole post that it was supposed to be a list of the best things in 2015, not a recap of all things.  LOL

That’s all I can think of for now.  Not too bad, eh?

Here’s to a great year!  Happy New Year!

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