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Photo-A-Day May 16

what you're reading

what you’re reading

I’m a pretty avid reader but I’m in a bit of a funk with the book I’ve been reading.  I’ve stalled and can’t seem to get going.  But… as of last night I started a new knitting project so that’s what I’ve been reading today.  The Carousel sock pattern from Knitty.com. It’s a pretty awesome pattern and I’m loving it, although I’m pretty sure I’m going to change yarns because I’m not digging the results yet.

Here’s a picture of what the socks could look like.  Pretty awesome, yes?

Photo-A-Day May 14 & 15


I’ve always loved the color green.  Even when I thought my favorite color was something else, there was always a love for the color green in there.  I can remember the green crayon in a pack of Crayola’s being my favorite.  I used to make sure that my pictures always had grass and trees in them so that I could use my green crayon. 🙂



I’m a knitter and if there’s one thing you should know about knitters is that we generally are the ones giving the knitting while no one really knits for us.  I’m a part of our local Knitting Guild here though and six months ago we were given the opportunity to participate in a secret swap.  Each participant had to bring in enough of their yarn to make a scarf, cowl, or shawl.  I picked a scarf because I’m not a shawl or cowl person.  The yarn that each person brought was then packed up into secret brown paper bags and mixed up among other members.  I got someone’s yarn and had to make a scarf for her while someone else got my yarn and made a scarf for me.  Tonight was the reveal night and I got my scarf back.  I’m in LOVE!  I’ve had this sock yarn for a few years and have always loved it but never picked a project for it.  Judy who did the knitting for me made this beautiful scarf and I just adore it.  It’s so wonderful to have someone knit for me for a change!

Photo-A-Day May 9 – 13

I’m happy to report that I’m slowly but surely getting over the cold that made me fall behind in these posts.  Sadly, however, I gave the cold to my mother and she’s been sick on Mother’s Day. 😦

Let’s get caught up, shall we?

something you do every day

I’m a bit of a Twitter Whore.  I love Twitter.  I love how on Twitter I can say what I want and generally won’t be attacked for it if people disagree with me (unlike Facebook where people are not always as tolerant).


a favorite word

This is a tattoo that badly needs touching up.  Buuut, it’s one of my favorite words… Hope.  Having clinical depression sucks ass and sometimes on my bad days I need a little reminder to hang in there.  This little gem does just that for me.



For Mother’s Day I made stuffed peppers for dinner.  I’ve gotta say, they were pretty damn good. 🙂


something that makes you happy

This is my baby, Kira.  Although there are days when I want to strangle her… I love her and she makes me happy. 🙂



One of the gifts I got for my mom for Mother’s Day is this sweet little nurse figurine. 🙂  She loved it, and I love her. ❤

Photo-A-Day May 7 & 8

I’ve been sick.  That’s a shocker, right? 🙂  So yesterday and today’s pictures are cheats… but they are pictures I’ve taken, so they’re not total cheats.

someone who inspires me

First up, “someone who inspires you.”  This is a picture of a picture of me and my mom a long ass time ago. 🙂  She doesn’t like me taking her picture so I had to use an old one. My mom is all kinds of awesome.  She’s been a single mom most of my life and sure she had her lows but for the most part she did her best and I love her for it.  She’s truly one of my best friends.  After having to quit nursing school literally just a few weeks from finishing the RN program so that she could take care of my grandpa my mom just took her LPN test and passed!  I’m so proud of her!  My mama rocks!

a smell you adore

Speaking of how much my mom rocks… she makes THE BEST apple pie in the world.  So when I had to take a picture of “a smell you adore” it was pretty simple… Mom’s pie.  Ironically I’d just deleted a week old picture of a freshly baked pie off of my camera that I could have used for this.  Instead I’m using a crappy cellphone pic from Xmas. 🙂

Photo-A-Day May 5 & 6


I’m not the biggest fan of birds but our house seems to be Bird Heaven.  We live in an old brick farm house so the birds love to make nests in areas where the brick is broken.  This bird is part of a family of doves who are very loud and not at all shy.  They’ll walk along the window ledge with one of the dogs or cats going nuts on the other side of the window and totally aren’t phased.  This picture is of Kia stalking the Birdie Friend yesterday.




I love taking super macro photos, so for today’s challenge of “You” I pulled out nearest book and found the word you to snap.  This happens to be from the most awesome book American Vampire by my homie Jennifer Armintrout.  🙂 Photo edited with BeFunky.com

Photo-A-Day May 4



I had a date with my baby brother tonight.  I love dates with my brother.  I love that he’s sixteen and still thinks that hanging out with me is cool.  We’ve been waiting for basically forever for the movie The Avengers to come out and tonight it finally did.  Today’s photo challenge was “Fun” and holy crap monkeys is The Avengers fun!  There are so many things about the movie that are just beyond amazing that I can’t even begin to explain… it’s just epic.  Ridiculously epic.  To share that with my Peanut… way beyond fun. ❤

Photo-A-Day May 3

Something I Wore

I bought two sets of these silver bracelets years ago… one set was for Love and the other for Luck.  Over the years several of them broke (they were on elastic) and lost.  I finally decided that the ones that managed to survive however needed to finally be transfered to wire so that they too wouldn’t go flying off my wrist.  The new version of these old bracelets is what you see above with a few extra trinkets added to the old ones. 🙂

Photo-A-Day May 2


I’ve lived in the country for about half a year now and it still amazes me how different the skyline is out here.  There are times when I still miss being closer to everything and I’m still getting used to all of the wildlife out here… but the view is pretty damn nice. 🙂  Instead of looking into a neighbor’s back yard when I get up in the morning, I get to see this.

Photo-A-Day May 1


Today’s photo prompt was “Peace.”  I’ll admit, I nearly forgot to do my photo challenge today.  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s the first day and I’m already slacking… but I kept forgetting all day that it was actually May!

My picture is truly something that I think of when I think of peace though… Notebooks and Books.  I’m a writer and I love notebooks.  The notebooks seen in this picture are probably all around 10 years old.  But they’re the notebooks that I wrote my fiction in when I was in college and didn’t yet have a handy laptop to use.   There are bits and pieces of chapters, brainstorm sessions, doodles, and inspiration in those books and I love to look through them because it’s like going through a scrapbook and revisting my old characters.  The books in the picture are a very very small selection of the books I own.  I love to read.  If I could figure out a way to read and write for a living I’d totally do it.  Just like writing, reading is an escape for me and I’m always able to find my peace when I’m doing one or the other.

May Photo Challenge

Okay it’s true… last time I did a photo challenge I failed miserably.  But… I’m doing it again because I’m in a better place right now and because I want to.

Thanks to Pinterest and @fatmumslim, I have a happy list to work from…

May Photo

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