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Flash Fiction – Old Barn (Jensen 9-12)

You’re getting a bunch of chapters today because in order to post the chapter for today’s photo there are several others you have to read first. 🙂 So get cozy, you’ll be reading a little more than usual today. Enjoy!

Oh and this beautiful man is who plays Miklos in my head. 😍😍image

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9 – Pie
“I’m so utterly useless in love…” I sighed to my mother as I sat on her couch. Krypto was curled up and sleeping in my lap. I’d stolen him from Josh for the day while he was busy at the hospital. Josh and Miklos were both coming over to my mother’s that evening for dinner. My aunts would be there too which was sure to be a hoot. My family had met, and fell in love with Josh, but until then had only heard stories of the famous Miklos.

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