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Wed Words: Favorite Songs

It’s time for another round of My Favorite Things! This week we’re sharing favorite songs and as usual, I struggled with making my list. I LOVE music. I always have music in my head. I can’t tell you who my favorite artist is or what my favorite type of music is… I just like music. So here are a few of my favorite random songs.

There you have it! 🙂 Have a look and see what songs the girls have chosen as their favorites.

Bronwyn | Jessica | Kris | Jenny | Kayleigh | Gwendolyn

Wednesday Words: Favorite Things – Food & Drink

This week we’re back to talking about favorite things and this is the food/drink edition. That can’t be too hard, right?

Coffee… I loves it. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was in my mid twenties because I hadn’t found the right ratio of coffee:milk/flavoring. But then while making a crazy 13 hour drive from Michigan to Ottawa Canada for a Backstreet concert I discovered Tim Horton’s and the Iced Capp. Oh sweet heavenly love!! (I also fell in love with their raspberry muffins that they sadly don’t make anymore.). From there I branched out to bottled Starbucks Frapp’s that reminded me of drinking my babysitter’s cold coffee when I was a preschooler. 🙂 Once we finally got a Starbucks that wasn’t on the campus of MSU, I fell in love and have been hooked ever since. 🙂

Raspberry… Pretty much anything with raspberry involved makes me happy. Raspberry White Mocha is my fave hot drink at Starbucks (unless it’s Peppermint Mocha season). Last week when we were on our writer’s retreat we visited The Jampot which is a bakery run by monks in the Upper Peninsula. They have the most amaaaaazing muffins… Seriously, I crave them all year long. But this year they had this amazing thing that involved peanut butter, chocolate chips and raspberry jam. It was ridiculous. So, so good! I don’t know if I can wait a whole year… I’ve heard that they ship! The picture below is Gee, our trip mascot, with my Monk Muffins and the raspberry goodness.


Cheesecake… I’ve been a fan of cheesecake since I was a kid and I started baking it in high school. I make a mean cheesecake! Michigan finally has a Cheesecake Factory now too but it’s an hour away from here. So much yum!

Cherry… When it comes to soda, cherry is my go to. Diet Cherry Coke, Cherry Coke Zero, Diet Cherry Pepsi, Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry, etc. I’ll drink others, but Cherry is my favorite.

Cheese… Everything is better with cheese. Bronwyn made the most delicious gourmet grilled cheese panini’s for us last week for dinner one night. I want more just thinking about it!

Culver’s Custard… It’s that time of year that I crave ice cream all the damn time. One of my favorites is the Mini Concrete Mixer at Culver’s with raspberry and Oreo mixed in. If I go to Coldstone, I pretty much get the same thing but with the cake batter ice cream. :p

I just realized that all but one of my favorites stars with a C. LOL now I have to do at least one more non-c favorite. Hmm…

Mexican… I love Mexican food. Chips and salsa and guacamole and margaritas and things with cheese! LOL yeah, I love a good south of the border meal.

So now that I’m suddenly hungry for pretty much EVERYTHING, it’s time for you to share! What are some of your favorite foods & drinks?

Don’t forget to check out the other girls to see what their favorites are too. 🙂

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