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Favorite Things: Holidays

I always used to say that Halloween was my favorite holiday. I still love it, but I also kind of hate it because of all the bat crap that’s around. I can handle a Batman logo and some really fake looking bats, but you’d be surprised at how many realistic looking and sounding flying bastards things there are in October. I was doing pretty well with my whole anxiety and was getting better at sleeping at night without panic attacks because it’s been over a year since my last incident with the fuckers. I even managed to sleep most of the summer with the windows open (with screens) which was HUGE for me. But now that it’s October there are triggers everywhere and my anxiety is rising with each “cute” flying bastard picture that people post on social media, and the realistic squeaks in Halloween commercials. Such a pain in my ass.

So although I love the costumes and trick or treating, the rest can suck it. LOL

I do, however, love the fall (no, it’s not a holiday but whatever!) Pusheen will demonstrate one of the reasons why…


Pumpkin pie is my favorite, Doddlebutt’s too! So I looooove fall. I do not drink pumpkin flavored coffee. I think it tastes like hot dog water. But actual pumpkin pie, yum!


And another her thing about fall… Thanksgiving! More pie, but also great food, family, giggles, the puking cow… Good times!


Oh and check this out! I finally got to go to Painting with a Twist (where you go drink wine and learn to paint a picture step by step) and brought this fun Halloween painting home… No flying bastards required!  The framed one was the original, other is mine).

image image

Thats all I have for now. I have a snoring Doodlebutt next to me and sleep is sounding mighty good! 😴

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Wednesday Words: Writer’s Block

Hello my lovelies!

This week the bunch is supposed to be talking about how we deal with writer’s block.  I think this is absolutely hilarious as I have no idea what to write for this post. 🙂 To be totally honest, I don’t really have any specific tricks that I use to combat writer’s block.  I suppose if I were writing full time, it would be more of a big deal but I’m not so… if I can’t write, I can’t write.  It bothers me, but its not life shattering.


As for things that inspire me to write… I would say good movies, and good books.  When I see a movie that blows me away I think of the writing and I’m instantly inspired to write something that’s amazing too, or at least try.  Same thing happens when I read good books.  Or sometimes reading a BAD book inspires me because I’m like, “Yo… I can do so much better than this!”

Sometimes just stepping away from the piece I’m working on helps too.  Writing something else, or doing something totally not related to writing like knitting. 🙂  Hashing out ideas with awesome writer friends is also pretty cool too. 🙂

When you’re a newbie and you can pick the brains of published authors, that’s kind of awesome.  So I guess that means I have a few things that I use to combat writer’s block. 🙂  But that’s all I can think of because I’ve been writing reports and case notes ALLLLLL freaking day and my brain is kinda fried.

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“Cause the remedy is experience…”

Hello, my darlings! 

I can’t recall if I blogged last week or not.  LOL I think maybe I did. But either way, greetings and salutations! 

This week’s topic is remedies that work or don’t work when we’re sick. Honestly, I don’t have any remedies that I can think of. Bronwyn is great for pulling some sort of sumthin sumthin out of her bag that’s supposed to help with random symptoms. 🙂 I, on the other hand, generally stick to my prescribed meds and OTC stuff.  Those don’t always work because I still don’t have an actual diagnosis for my chronic pain. I’m about 99% sure I have Fibromyalgia, but getting a diagnosis is tricky. 

So when I’m in more pain than usual, I take Aleeve, rest, ice/heat, and whine about it.  If my allergies flare up and my Zyrtec can’t handle it, I pop a Benedryl. I’ve tried massaging my lymph nodes and doing some weird tapping thing to help them drain, and even pressure points to help with anxiety and insomnia. I would love to try acupuncture if I ever get insurance that’ll cover it. Massage is awesome, but expensive, and I worry that if I do have fibro, one day massage is going to hurt too much. My shoulders and neck are typically on fire and full of knots, sometimes the things that people without chronic illness tell me to try works, but most of the time it doesn’t. Sometimes this leads people to assume that those of us with chronic pain are faking it, aren’t open to help, are drug seeking, or just want to complain but that’s not it at all.  It’s that what might help your occasional shoulder pain won’t touch my 24 hour a day shoulder pain because it’s different. Bronwyn gives one hell of a shoulder rub for when my pain is “normal,” btw. 😍

I suppose I do have one remedy but it’s not exactly for being sick, it’s for hiccups.  When you have them, eat a spoonful of peanut butter. That’s it.  Works every time. 🙂 

And now, because this post is so lame… Memes about chronic/invisible illnesses. 😃 



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P.S. I know I owe you guys some more chapters of my Jensen fic. But I need to add a chapter before I can do that and I haven’t had any time to write. Soon, hopefully!! (This is why I never write out of order!!!) 😋

Wordless Wednesday – Summer


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Favorite Things – Reading Places

I’m taking the lazy way out and using pictures. 🙂 I love to read pretty much anywhere.


On our Writers Retreat when I should be writing…image

Daytona Beach Shores, FL

Crystal, MI at the end of the dock.imagePretty much any beach (Bahamas).image

Where there’s coffee… image

Next to a pool watching these yahoos.imageRainy days…

That’s all folks! 🙂

5 or less – Wed Bloggers


























Just had a baby, yay!











Cute hair

Bonus Five


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Wednesday Words: Where in the World?

Greetings, Blog Readers!

There isn’t a normal Wednesday post this week because it’s Writer’s Retreat Week! Bronwyn, Jess, Jenny, Leigh and I are waaaaaaaaaay up at the top of Michigan in a lovely little village called Gay. We’re laughing and reading and writing and knitting and just having a week of fun!  We’re also in the land of little to no cell service and no internet so I’m actually writing this on Friday night from Bron’s living room. 🙂 We leave in the morning tomorrow when Jen and Leigh get here. Jess is already up there because she’s from Minnesota and goes the other way. 🙂 (For those who don’t know, I’m usually in Lansing, and Bron is in Grand Rapids.)

I hope you’re having a great week! I’ll talk to you all next week when I’m back in civilization (yay!) and back to work (boo!).

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