Wednesday Words: Too Much

This week we’re supposed to be talking about the things we spend too much time on. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, my job. But you’ve heard about that ad nauseum, right?  So here’s a short list of other things I can think of. πŸ™‚ 

  • Worrying: I’m a worry wart. I’ve had problems with anxiety all of my life although I didn’t really have a name for it until a few years ago. Growing up I was afraid of the dark, afraid of sleeping alone, afraid of strangers, and painfully shy. I still struggle with all of those things today too, just in different levels of severity. My job makes me worry, I worry about my parents, about my babies, about my friends, and panic attacks. Anxiety blows. I do my best, but it’s been a really hard couple of years for my anxiety and the job doesn’t help.
  • Rereading and editing: Because my writing career started with serial fanfic I got in the habit of sort of publishing as I went along. So if I posted a chapter I couldn’t go back and change it later because it was already out there for reading. Because of that I struggle with leaving a chapter incomplete and going back to fill in the blanks when I’m writing. I also HAVE to write in chronological order. So when I’m trying to write something that isn’t being immediately shared with readers I go back and retread and edit allllll of the time instead of just getting the story out.   I often get stuck because of it. I also worry about it being “good enough” which we all know is a no no.  miss serial writing and the excitement of regular feedback!  
  • Caring: No, it’s not a bad thing to care. Especially if you’re a social worker. But sometimes I care too much and wind up upset because I care more than the person with the problem does. I know for a fact there have been times I’ve lost sleep over a client who wasn’t losing sleep over their own life. It’s just hard to turn off. πŸ™‚   
  • Disney: Okay no, there’s never too much a Disney as far as I’m concerned. But I suppose if judgey outsiders were looking at my life they’d think I watch too much Disney channel for a single chick in her upper 30’s who has no children. I’d much rather watch Good Luck Charlie over some housewives of wherever show.  Don’t get me wrong, I love certain reality tv, and have regular grown up shows I love too… But my go to is Disney.   
  • Procrastinating: Yeah, I tend to procrastinate. It’s a side effect from my depression and anxiety. I know that if I were more on top of things it would help, but I also just get so damn worn out sometimes that I’m like, “Fuck it, I’m taking a nap!” LOL     

That’s all I can think of for now. I should’ve been asleep a while ago. When this posts I’ll be on a 3rd grade Earth Day field trip with my Doodlebutt. :p 

Let’s see what my lovelies spend too much time doing, shall we? 

Kris | Bronwyn | Jess | Gwen | Jessica | Paige | Kayleigh 

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