Wednesday Words – Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions, eh? Hmm… Our family traditions are kind of all up in the air this year so I have absolutely no idea what to expect from here on out. But I suppose I can tell you what we’ve done in the past that I’ve loved.

Baby Birds – I can’t remember if I started this when my little brother was tiny or if it happened once my niece was born… But I have this tradition we do on Thanksgiving (and any other time we have access to Redi-Whip). The kids all line up like baby birds (mouths wide open, heads tipped back) and I squirt whipped cream directly into their mouths. LOL My niece even once painted a picture of the process for a favorite holiday memory at school. We sadly didn’t do it this thanksgiving due to split holidays , no pumpkin pie at my dad’s house, and my mom bought Cool Whip instead of Redi-Whip. LOL but we’ll make it up, we always do. Here are my baby birds circa 2006 (they’re 14 and 11 now). 🙂


Puking Cow – LOL my family is so weird. So several years ago we needed something to put the gravy in on Turkey Day. My SIL pulled out this old milk jug that used to be her grandmother’s. It’s shaped like a bulimic cow, you can see his ribs and everything. I think it was my dad who mentioned that the cow was puking when pouring the gravy. Then of course we took it a step further and made puking sounds all around the table every time someone poured the gravy. LOL we lost the cow after a move and last year when it was found again we were ridiculously happy about it. This year was sans puking cow, sadly, but we’ll use it again next year hopefully when Turkey Day is my SIL’s holiday. Oh and for the record, if you search #pukingcow on Instagram, you’ll find that I’m not the only weirdo who does this. 😉



Santa Paper – At my house Santa always had special wrapping presents for his gifts. And many times he’d hide the present so it was harder for us to find it. One year it was on the tank of the bathroom. :p

Pie – It’s not a holiday if I’m not able to smell my mom’s pies baking. I decided years ago that even if I get married and move away, holiday mornings have to be at my mom’s. 🙂

Griswalds – This year we started a new tradition. On Black Friday we drove out to a tree farm and cut down a tree. The nephews had a blast sawing the tree and despite being freezing cold, it was pretty fun. 🙂 Xmas Eve – Once my mom and dad thought we were old enough for separate Christmases (they’d always bucked up and did Xmas morning together for us even after their divorce, which I absolutely loved) we somehow started doing Xmas Eve with my mom and the Xmas Day with dad. I always thought it was cool to have two days of gifts. 🙂 Then when my brother started having kids the tradition turned into use doing the big family Xmas on Eve (grands, kids, brothers, etc.). Then on Xmas everyone did their own separate Xmas. And generally my mom and I end up spending Xmas afternoon and evening with the kids (usually still in jammies) after they’ve done the mom and dad thing.

That’s all I have. I don’t know if I’ll be blogging next week or not. We’ll be moving next weekend so I’ll be in packing hell! :p

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