WW: You couldn’t pay me to…


I’m struggling with this week’s prompt. I mean, there are a lot of things I say I’d never do but the truth is that for the right amount of money I’d go all Indecent Proposal and Fear Factor on all sorts of situations. Give me enough money to live off of comfortably so I can do what I love full time and yep… I’d do a lot of stuff.

I suppose the one thing I probably would never be able to do no matter the money is kill someone. I’m sure if in the god awful position of self defense I could do it, but I could never just set out to end someone’s life. Or an animal for that matter. Yes, I eat meat and yes I know where it comes from. But I can’t be the one doing the killing. Like, I’ve always thought it horribly cruel to pick out your own lobster from a tank for dinner. I don’t want to know that what I’m eating was happily swimming around a few minutes before. LOL call me weird, it’s okay. I CAN however kill bugs, and although I haven’t killed a bat, I will beat the shit out of one with a tennis racket if it’s in my space bubble because yuck. (Sorry, Bron…).

Am I taking this topic too seriously? Watch, everyone else will be all “You couldn’t pay me to eat a bug!” and I’m like, “Murder… I can’t do murder.” LOL

Check out what my girls won’t do for money and be sure to share what you couldn’t be paid to do in the comments!

Bronwyn Green
Jenny Trout
Kris Norris
Jessica Jarman
Gwendolyn Cease

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