Wednesday Words: 10 Random Facts


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I’m so glad this week’s topic is a light one. 🙂 I was starting to feel like my Wednesday posts were getting too deep. This week we’re sharing ten random facts about ourselves. Easy peasy, right? Kind of. 🙂

  1. Fake – I have two fake teeth.  😀  Two of my adult teeth simply were not there to come in, so I had very spaced out teeth for a while.  Then I got braces and had a retainer with two fake teeth in it until I could get two bridges put in.  Thankfully they’re bottom teeth so most people wouldn’t even notice them.
  2. Blue – When I was born, I had what they called Mongolian Spots.  Basically these spots are birthmarks that are a blue color.  They kind of look like bruises.  I had two on my butt, which I guess is pretty common because in Japanese these spots are referred to as “shiri ga aoi” which translates to “to have a blue butt.”  I also had one on my left wrist.  I used to hate the one on my wrist because it was so noticeable.  But thankfully over time it turned from the blue color to a brown that is a few shades darker than my skin.  People barely notice it anymore and I’m okay with that.  Since I know you’re wondering, the marks on my ass are still blue but they’re about the size of a fingertip and have faded a ton. LOL My cute little baby ass was featured in a medical textbook though because apparently my Mongolian Spots were pretty big. I’ll try and find a picture of my wrist when it was blue and then take a pic of it now. Just probably not in time for my 9 am post deadline. 🙂
  3. Old – My baby brother is nineteen years younger than me. He’s one of the loves of my life, and I’ve always been part big sister part mom to him.  I absolutely love that we are so far apart in age because I think it gives me such a different perspective on being a sibling.
  4. Dark – I grew up afraid of the dark and afraid of sleeping alone.  I slept with my mom most nights even when I had my own bedroom and way past the age that is considered “normal” for sleeping with your mom. There were times when I’d go to my dad’s for the weekend and because he wouldn’t let me sleep with him, I’d sneak into his room doing a commando crawl and would sleep on the floor of his bedroom.  As I got older I eventually turned into someone who slept with the tv on which helped, but my dad hated that too.  I can remember putting towels along the door at the floor so that the light from my tv wouldn’t travel down the hall.  LOL  I didn’t even need the sound, I just wanted the light and movement.  Now a days I don’t need the tv anymore unless I’m having a high anxiety moment.  And even if I do have the tv on, it’s set to turn off on a timer after I’ve fallen asleep.
  5. Wrong – I absolutely can not stand when I state my opinion on something and someone tells me that I’m wrong because my opinion isn’t the same as theirs.  I’m not talking about facts… that’s way different.  I’m talking about when I say that a cloud looks like Mickey Mouse and someone flat out says, “No it doesn’t.”  Don’t tell me that my opinion is wrong, it’s MINE. :p
  6. Uh… – I am a writer who can’t tell you the proper terms for writing stuff.  I know what a noun is, and thanks to the “What’s your verb?” anti drug commercials I figured out what a verb is.  But yeah, ask me to tell you what an adverb is or how to diagram a sentence and I’ve got nothing.  For one reason or another the stuff just didn’t stick.  I feel like when it comes to writing, I do pretty well and I understand the rules, but I couldn’t really tell you what the rules are called. 🙂
  7. The Plane! – I didn’t fly in a plane until the summer before I went to high school.  I basically got bribed into it because my dad told me, “If you want to go to Disney World, you have to fly.”  I was absolutely terrified that we were going to die.  All my life leading up to my first flight and many years after it,I had nightmares about plane crashes.  Either I was on the plane or I’d be somewhere and would see the plane crashing, it was awful.  After 9/11 though, the dreams stopped.  I had reoccurring 9/11 dreams, but I never had the random plane crashing dreams again.  Spooky.  Oh and I absolutely love to fly now.
  8. Shake it -I wanted to be a dancer when I was little.  I never got to take a dance class but my friends and I would make up dances in my basement to songs and spend hours working on them.  I love everything about dance.  If there’s a dance movie, I will see it.  So You Think You Can Dance… love it.  Dancing with the Stars… used to love it more, but I still tune in occasionally.  I love the dance world. ❤
  9. Jobs – I have been a driver who delivered new GM cars to dealerships, a daycare worker, a nanny, a data processor, data processing supervisor, data processing coordinator, a family service worker, an assistant preschool teacher,a vounteer children’s grief support group leader, a title typist, a yarn shop employee, a yarn shop assistant manager, a RFID tagger at a library, a library clerk, a receptionist, and a case worker.
  10. Kid Stuff – For an adult without kids, I watch a lot of kid television.  I used to tell myself that I did it to stay in touch with the things that the kids I worked with were up to.  But yeah, I actually just really like cartoons and stuff.  I’d much rather watch Kick Buttowski than a rerun of Law & Order.  I still watch adult shows, but I love my kid stuff.  Especially during those aforementioned high anxiety nights when I have to fall asleep to my tv, it’s almost always on something fluffy like Disney Jr.  Doc McStuffin’s is my homie!  🙂

So there you have it… ten random things about little ol’ me that hopefully I haven’t shared before. 🙂  Now pop on over and see what randomosity Bronwyn, Jenny, Leigh, Jessica, and Kris have to share about themselves!

Happy Hump Day!

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