Review: Torment

Torment by Lauren Kate
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was torn on this one… I liked it. In fact, I think I liked it better than the first book. But there were a bunch of things that made me groan and roll my eyes too so I had to knock it down to three stars instead of four.

As with Fallen, this book has WAY too many scenes that have nothing to do with the plot. It could have been a much shorter and more interesting book had Kate thrown out some of the fluff. Also, Luce was a bit of a brat in this book… I’ve read people say that they thought she was a brat in Fallen, but I don’t agree. In this one though? Holy bratness, Batman! I get that she’s pissed because NO ONE will give her any information on WTF is going on… I’d be pissed too. But to blatantly ignore the people who are trying to protect you makes for a TSTL (Too Stupid To Live) character in my book. Then of course there was Daniel. I think he needs some mood stablizer meds because he’s all over the damn place in this one… moreso than in Fallen and that was a lot! Finally, I just don’t understand Kate’s need to write books where the reader is left out of major plot points along with the main character. At the end of Torment we’re like 1,000 pages into this series and we still don’t know the basics of the Daniel/Luce backstory. If it’s so annoying for Luce not to know what’s going on, just imagine how annoying it is for the readers who have sat through two 500 page books and still don’t know what’s going on!

Despite my groaning though… I really did like a good deal of this book and I’m hooked into the plot so I’m going to have to read on. 🙂

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