Review: Betrayed

Betrayed by P.C. Cast
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First let me say that this book was a little better than the first. The plot had a little more meat to it and less of Zoey bitching about everything under the sun… or should I say the moon since she doesn’t go in the sun anymore? But yeah, it was okay-ish.

After reading the first book in this series I had the bright idea that while reading the second book I’d keep track of things that bugged me to make reviewing the book easier. I got out my handy pack of post-it flags and started putting flags on the annoying bits. After a while I stopped flagging because the same annoying things kept popping up over and over and over again. But I do have a few to point out because they simply can’t be ignored.

First and foremost, for someone who is great friends with gay guys, Zoey is one hell of a homophobe. I’m sorry but as someone who is a part of the LGBT community, if I had a “friend” who felt the need to constantly point out how gay something is, they wouldn’t be my friend for long.

Page 17 – He was tall, dark, and handsome- like an old-time movie star (without the latent homosexual tendencies).

TOTALLY uncalled for!

Page 25 – Okay, I know it’s bordering on weird (or maybe queer is the better word choice) to continually notice how gorgeous a woman is when you’re a woman, too, but Neferet is so damn beautiful that it’s like she has the ability to focus all the light in the room on herself.

Seriously? Queer? Ugh! First of all women ALL notice how beautiful other women are. It’s what we do. The only women who feel the need to throw words like queer around and point out that they aren’t interested sexually in other women are insecure homophobic assholes.

Page 186 – There were a lot of guys in his position (ridiculously popular) who would have either ignored this little third former roommate or, worse, been visibly pissed that they’d have to share a room with a “fag.” Erik wasn’t like that at all, and I couldn’t help but compare him to Heath, who would probably have been freaked that he had to room with a gay kid. Not that Heath was hateful or anything like that, but he was a typical teenage Okie boy, which tended to mean narrow-minded homophobe.

Putting the word fag in quotes doesn’t make it okay. Neither does following it up by saying how Heath isn’t hateful because he’s just a typical teenage Okie. He is hateful if he would be visibly pissed to have a gay roommate. And you, my dear Zoey, are equally hateful by always pointing out shit like that!

The Casts have Zoey dropping little ditty’s like that throughout this series and each time I read one I get a little bit more pissed off. I actually began reading the third book and there were so many references to how gay this or that was in the first chapter that I actually considered putting the book down forever.

Another thing that just makes me cringe with these books is how the Casts seem to want to shove their beliefs down the reader’s throat. Zoey thinks every girl in the world is a “ho.” She herself isn’t one though, because she has reasons for having two boyfriends and contemplating a third! Then there’s this gem on page 29 when Zoey is talking about other schools.

I wanted exclusive and upper class (none of those stupid “alternative academies” that were really just holding pens for future criminals – ugh).

So not only is Zoey a homophobe but she apparently hates alternative education and believes that anyone who is an alternative ed student is a criminal. It’s funny since she herself is in an alternative education school for freaking vampires! Way to be a judgmental jerk. If Zoey’s friends knew the awful things she thought about them throughout this story there’s no way they’d be her friends.

The problem with these books is that despite all of the stuff that makes me want to throw the books across the room, they have decent plots. So even though when I’m reading them I get royally pissed off, I still kind of want to know what happens to the characters. Kinda. I guess we’ll see how I feel at the end of book three.

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