Review: Marked

Marked by P.C. Cast
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m not sure what to say about this book. I liked it, but some of it really bugged me too. The different writing styles of the Casts was pretty obvious and there was one who drove me a little bit crazy. I assume that the mom’s writing was the one I liked because it felt a little more controlled while what I assumed was the daughter’s parts seemed a bit amateurish. It also felt like they were both trying too hard to portray teens as a certain way and it was overkill. Almost like they were like, “We’re writing YA so we need our characters to talk like this…” but in reality, I don’t know any teens who speak the way the kids in this book do. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with the word “ho” in it so many times nor do I know any teens who actually say it. Heck they even praised themselves in the book dedication for “sounding like teenagers” and well… they didn’t.

Also, for a YA book, there’s a whole lot of adult stuff in this book. The language didn’t bother me, kids swear, it’s a fact of life. And I’m not a prude by any means; I read and write erotica… But blow jobs in a YA book is kind of borderline if you ask me. I know it’s realistic, there’s a huge problem with oral std’s and teens right now, but for some reason it bugged me in this book. Probably because it wasn’t needed… Zoey could have come across Aphroditie and Erik in a totally different way and it would have been fine. And HELLO… it’s called sexual assault when someone says no but you keep going. Not okay. Ugh. What if it had been Erik forcing himself on Aphroditie? People would have been screaming over how inappropriate this book was!

That aside, however, I kind of like the idea of the book. The tattoo aspect is kind of neat as is the idea that not everyone who attends the House of Night will end up a vampyre in the end. I love the cats, the twins, and Damien. Stevie Ray and Zoey are pretty annoying but it wouldn’t be the first time I read annoying main characters.

I’ve heard from several people that this series goes downhill from here but I’m willing to find that out on my own… I’m moving on to the next book this weekend.

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