Photo Challenge Day 1-5

The most awesome Miss Mollie over at Wild Olive is always bursting with crafty creativeness.  A short while back she made a post about a 30-Day Photo Challenge that she’s participating in after she found it at the Oh So Lovely blog.  I was, of course, late to the game (they’re on Day 17, I’m on Day 5), but still think that the 30-Day Photo Challenge is brilliant so I’m doing it too, just not in correspondence to the month of August.  In fact, I’m sort of not even always doing it every day… but I’m doing it in order and I will try my best not to take forever to do it. *grin*

Here’s the list…



30 Days

And here, are my first few days of the challenge…

Day One – Self Portrait

Here I am, looking a little overly boobalicious.

Day Two - What I Wore
Day Two – What I Wore

Michigan is currently experiencing what scientists are saying is the worst mosquito season in 20 years.  There’s evidence of this all over my body.  The stinkin little vampires attack at all times of day and also enjoy sneaking into the house to feast on our blood when we’re sleeping.  Note to self and others, a mosquito bite on the boob is a real pain in the boob and makes sitting at a desk all day difficult. 

Day Three – Clouds
Yes, I did take this picture while driving down the road.  But for the record, when I take pictures while driving I don’t pay any attention to the camera I just point and shoot while hoping that things turn out. I have to admit, I don’t pay nearly as much attention to the clouds as I should unless I’m in a plane.  When I’m in a plane all I want to do is take pictures of the clouds, but it seems like from the ground I forget to aim my camera up.  I was so happy with the clouds I had to take a second picture for Day Three.
Day Three, Take Two – More Clouds
 Gorgeous, right?
Day Four – Favorite Color

I think a look into my yarn stash will easily show a trend.  I love the color green.  Blue and purple also play a reoccuring role in the things I buy, but if green is a choice it’s almost always the one for me.

Day Five – Someone I Love

Yeah she’s sleeping and I’ll definitely get the full name treatment when/if she realizes that I took this picture AND put it on the internet… but she never let’s me take her pic so I had to be all sneaky like about it.  That’s my Mama, and I pretty much adore her.  ❤  She works so freaking hard to take care of my 96 year old Grandpa with next to no help from anyone in the family aside from me, and she does it all while attending nursing school full time.  We’re moving Grandpa in with us pretty soon so that we’re all under the same roof and it’s a little easier on us (at least geographically) and in December she’ll be graduating!  No wonder she’s so tired right?

More photos soon! 🙂


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