Two Long Years

 I feel like I should be writing something today.  I’ve been waiting for two years for someone who has lied, stolen, cheated and broken laws to finally get an ass kicking from my good friend Karma.  Two years for this person who told lies about me (as well as about pretty much everything under the sun) to finally be held accountable for all of the bullshit.  I didn’t just lose a job two years ago… I lost people who I thought were friends, I lost parts of a community which had previously embraced me and called me one of its own,  I even had my own family members saying that they thought I made a mistake in standing my ground (of course they never said that to my face, but I know who said what and to whom).  But most importantly I lost a whole lot of hope in the idea of people doing what’s right while refusing to support those who blatantly took advantage of others. 

I don’t take joy in anyone’s pain, nor do I make light of the serious shit storm that this individual is about to go through… but I am extremely relieved that the truth is finally coming out.  The people who turned their backs on me like I was the enemy have finally grown some balls and are speaking out and telling the truth.  For two years I along with one friend who also lost her job, community, and friends were the only two people who told the truth.  Everyone else sat around believing the bullshit and thinking we were just bitter ex employees while the people who did know the truth acted as if they knew nothing.

Absolutely nothing that has come out this week is new news.  It was ALL going on two years ago.  Every single person who stayed with the business knew what they were in and what could happen eventually.  They knew that what happened this week was a possibility at any moment.  They just chose to ignore it.

This isn’t me saying “I told you so…” It is instead me saying, “I wish you hadn’t turned your back on me. I wish you’d gotten out before you lost pay and got royally screwed.  I wish that things had gone differently.” 

If anything, I’ve learned this week that standing up for what I believe in will eventually pay out.  It may take two long years or even more, but eventually good will prevail and the truth will come out.  I miss the good days, back when we were all clueless about what was going on and were just friends having fun together, but I’ll never regret the choices I made.   I hope that eventually everyone involved will find that they’ve learned something from this whole mess and will be able to move on as well.

And yes, I hope Karma is wearing her biggest, toughest pair of ass-kicking boots that she owns because this person I speak of has been evading her for too damn long.


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