WTF Moments

You ever have those moments where you’re smack dab in the middle of a work day and you think, “Is this really what I went into student loan debt for?”

I realize that although I’m working in the field that I studied in college, I’m not working in the actual job that I went to school for so that has a lot to do with my current discontent… but really, if you stop and think about it there are certain things in any job that can make a person stop and think, “What the fuck am I doing?” I for some reason, however, seem to have them more than other people do.

For example… when I was working daycare, which I loved, and I’d been snuggling with a sick kid whose mom was on her way to pick him up and then said child projectile vomited all over me… that was a WTF moment.

Or when I was working for an Intermediate School District and I was in a Corduroy the bear costume at a preschool. First of all I’m claustrophobic and I told my boss this but she didn’t care and made me do it anyway. Secondly, I hardly could see how wearing a bear costume straight out of a theme park was part of my social work job. But there I was playing the role of the bear with the missing button with little three year olds tugging at my paws and asking for hugs. What these adorable little children didn’t know was that inside the bear was a woman who was practicing deep breathing so not to have a panic attack and scar the children for life by ripping Corduroy’s big bear head off while screaming… Definitely a WTF moment.

Then there was the time that I was the only person with the balls to stop a shoplifter in a store that I was the assistant manager of. I stood over the thief like a bad ass as she pulled the items out of her purse and I pointed out the things she conveniently missed while emptying her purse. Meanwhile the store owners cowered behind the scenes like they were “so busy” that they couldn’t help… WTF moment.

So what’s my point? Hell if I know! I guess if anything it’s that with any job there’s going to be that moment where you think to yourself, “Is this my life?” and it’s at that point where you have a decision to make… Stay or move on. Of course if it were as easy to move on as it is to say “I want to move on,” then I wouldn’t be where I am, I wouldn’t have been doing another WTF? task, and I wouldn’t have had the need to even write this. Right? WTF? 😉


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