Cry Me A River

History has proven that if I cry when I see a movie preview that I will cry when I see the actual film.  I’m not talking about a casual tear though, but full out sobbing and gasping for breath crying where afterward you have to sit through the entire ending credits to recover and then you’re still scared to go to the bathroom and see how horrible you look.  Yeah, that kind of crying. 

The first preview I remember this happening with was Free Willy.  Yeah, yeah, pick on me all you want but you know that when that big computer generated orca jumped out of the water over that kid’s head to be with his family out in the open water you cried too.  “Go, Willy, Go!” 

Then there was “Legends of the Fall.”   All I remember about the preview was Brad Pitt and lots of very moving scenes but something about it made me cry.  Of course the movie itself was seventeen hours long with Tristan (aka Pitt) experiencing one death after another every half hour or so and each time he cried I cried my Brat Pitt loving head off too.

Remember “Pay It Forward”?  Yeah… I honestly don’t remember what about the preview got me, but it did and well we don’t have to actually discuss the movie do we?  I mean really, if you saw it you know why it was so overwhelming.

Next, “My Sister’s Keeper.”  Yes, I read the book and knew what the movie was about but in the preview where the chick from Medium is dressed for prom with her wig on and she looks at the dad and says, “Am I pretty, Daddy?” and then you see him with tears in his pretty eyes as he answers her… yeah, cried.  Then the movie itself with its altered from the book yet still devastating ending had me breathing like I was in labor because I was crying so hard and couldn’t catch my breath.

Not crying over a preview does not however mean that I won’t cry when I see a movie.  Although I was called a cold-hearted hard-ass by my dear friends when I didn’t even tear up over “The Hours” while they cried their fool heads off, I do get regularly choked up over movies.  And tonight whilst watching The Pretty that is Zac Effron in “Charlie St. Cloud” I fully expect to cry.  I’m hoping it won’t be a sob-fest but considering the topic of the movie and how freaking gut wrenching Effron can be to watch when he cries on screen (remember the court scene in “17 Again” when he poured his heart out? *sigh*) it probably will be.  I vaguely remember getting a little misty when seeing the preview but it wasn’t enough to say that it made me cry like the others did.  Then again, it could have been the fact that I was too busy drooling over Effron and squeeing over the fact that I was soon to experience the midnight premiere of “Eclipse” that I was unable to fully let myself be moved by the preview.  I suppose I’ll find out tonight, right?

Til then, let us look upon the beauty of The Effron, shall we?

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