Short: “Scratched Paper”

Oh, Muse… where are you?  Why are you hiding from me?  It’s been forever since I’ve played with you. I miss your touch horribly.

Remember how we used to lay in bed and you’d whisper sweet plotlines in my ear?  Or how you’d wake me up with all of those crazy ideas about where we’d send our characters and we’d laugh that evil laugh of ours as we anticipated the reaction of our readers?

I want to play again, to be totally consumed with our characters and follow their journey.  I want to know you’re there waiting for me at the end of the work day or on breaks and during lunches.  I need you to be there for me again the way you used to be.  I promise if you come back I’ll supply you with the grooviest pens and most spectacular notebooks.  I’ll give my all to you again and we’ll go back to being that super duo that we used to be.

We’ll create those characters that we fall in love with and who follow us around like puppies waiting for their bellies to be rubbed as they wonder what crazy trip we’ll send them on next.  You know the ones… where even years later we go back and reread their tales over and over again to reminisce.  Like flipping through an old scrapbook remembering where we were when we wrote each chapter or singing along to the song that inspired a plot twist.  Oh, Muse, don’t you miss those days like I do?  Don’t you miss me?  And coffee shops, laptops, all-nighters and notes jotted down on napkins?

I know you’re there.  I feel you tug on my sleeve when I’m at work or I’m drifting off to sleep.  I hear those thoughts of yours that you whisper every now and then.  But you never seem to stay anymore.  You tease me with a little nibble then run away.  I can’t do it without you though.  You, my love, are the ink in my pen and without you all I can do is scratch the paper.  Please, come home where you belong so that we can go back to conquering the world together again.

All my love,


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