Wednesday Words: Super Powers!

I just typed this blog post up, saved it to publish in the morning, and then it vanished. *shakes fist at WordPress* I hate rewriting things! It’s never the same the second time around. :p *le sigh*

First let me share a little pretty…


I loves him.

With that said, I’m actually excited because this week I have an answer for the blog question! I didn’t have to sit here trying to think of something for a change. The question is, if you could choose one super power what would it be? As for my answer, it’s easy… I want to be able to understand and speak all languages. Why, you ask? It’s not because I love to travel. Nor is it because it would be a great talent to have as a social worker. Nay, nay, my friends! It’s so that when I’m getting my nails done I can know if the chicks are talking about me or not. :p

I’m not by any means one of those idiots who shouts, “Speak American!” I’m all for multiple languages in this lovely country. But here’s the deal. I feel like if you’re a business owner and you’re speaking to clients in English then you flip into your native tongue it’s almost like you have something to hide. Yes, I know that when you’re speaking a foreign language it’s hard and sometimes you can’t think of how to say something so you switch back to what you know. I totally get it. It’s kind of like whispering though. There are times when people whisper because they’re talking smack and don’t want to be heard, not because they’re trying to be polite and quiet. So when you’re talking to me in English and to your coworkers in English then suddenly start talking in another language I’m naturally going to think you’re hiding something just like I would if you suddenly started whispering. If you’re talking about your drug dealing cousin who got busted, share the love and let me hear it too! :p

So there you have it… I want to hear and understand everything then be able to shock people by responding. :) Yeah, I know I’m special!

You know the drill… Tell me what super power you’d like to have, and check out the other Wednesday bloggers. Bonus points if you’re a long time lurker, first time commenter!

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Wednesday Words: Favorite Things – Food & Drink

This week we’re back to talking about favorite things and this is the food/drink edition. That can’t be too hard, right?

Coffee… I loves it. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was in my mid twenties because I hadn’t found the right ratio of coffee:milk/flavoring. But then while making a crazy 13 hour drive from Michigan to Ottawa Canada for a Backstreet concert I discovered Tim Horton’s and the Iced Capp. Oh sweet heavenly love!! (I also fell in love with their raspberry muffins that they sadly don’t make anymore.). From there I branched out to bottled Starbucks Frapp’s that reminded me of drinking my babysitter’s cold coffee when I was a preschooler. :) Once we finally got a Starbucks that wasn’t on the campus of MSU, I fell in love and have been hooked ever since. :)

Raspberry… Pretty much anything with raspberry involved makes me happy. Raspberry White Mocha is my fave hot drink at Starbucks (unless it’s Peppermint Mocha season). Last week when we were on our writer’s retreat we visited The Jampot which is a bakery run by monks in the Upper Peninsula. They have the most amaaaaazing muffins… Seriously, I crave them all year long. But this year they had this amazing thing that involved peanut butter, chocolate chips and raspberry jam. It was ridiculous. So, so good! I don’t know if I can wait a whole year… I’ve heard that they ship! The picture below is Gee, our trip mascot, with my Monk Muffins and the raspberry goodness.


Cheesecake… I’ve been a fan of cheesecake since I was a kid and I started baking it in high school. I make a mean cheesecake! Michigan finally has a Cheesecake Factory now too but it’s an hour away from here. So much yum!

Cherry… When it comes to soda, cherry is my go to. Diet Cherry Coke, Cherry Coke Zero, Diet Cherry Pepsi, Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry, etc. I’ll drink others, but Cherry is my favorite.

Cheese… Everything is better with cheese. Bronwyn made the most delicious gourmet grilled cheese panini’s for us last week for dinner one night. I want more just thinking about it!

Culver’s Custard… It’s that time of year that I crave ice cream all the damn time. One of my favorites is the Mini Concrete Mixer at Culver’s with raspberry and Oreo mixed in. If I go to Coldstone, I pretty much get the same thing but with the cake batter ice cream. :p

I just realized that all but one of my favorites stars with a C. LOL now I have to do at least one more non-c favorite. Hmm…

Mexican… I love Mexican food. Chips and salsa and guacamole and margaritas and things with cheese! LOL yeah, I love a good south of the border meal.

So now that I’m suddenly hungry for pretty much EVERYTHING, it’s time for you to share! What are some of your favorite foods & drinks?

Don’t forget to check out the other girls to see what their favorites are too. :)

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Where in the world?

Hello, dear readers!

I apologize for missing last week’s blog. I was at a Backstreet Boys concert last Tuesday night when I realized I hadn’t done my blog for Wednesday morning. The concert was fabulous but there was no way I was going to bust out a blog when I got home. :)

This week we’re taking the week off because six of the eight Wednesday girls are up at the tippy top of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the shore of Lake Superior where the cell phones barely work and we have no wifi! Ack! I don’t even know if I’ll be able to post this or not. :p I’m the only one whose been able to get much cell service. :)

We’re all having a blast, laughing so much our bodies hurt, and Norris already finished a book! I’ve managed a little over 4,000 words on a wip so far and it feels great to be writing again!

We’ll be coming back to civilization on Saturday and back to our regularly scheduled blogs on Wednesday.

Have a great week!

Wednesday Words: Writing Essentials

Hello, readers!

This week we’re talking about the things we need in order to get our writing done. Let’s be honest… I haven’t written creatively in a long time. But if I think back to those olden days when I did write, these are the top five things I needed.

1. Time – Yes I know, we make time for the things we love blah blah blah… I’ve spoken ad nauseum about my job and how it’s a major time suck. I may have time, but I don’t have much free time.

2. Music – I don’t always write to music, but there are times when I need it either to drown out other sounds or for inspiration. I’m big on listening to a song on repeat if it has inspired a scene.

3. Noise – If I’m not listening to music I need sound. I can’t write in silence. Uninteresting tv in the background works well, as does playing a movie I’ve seen a billion times and don’t need to look at to “watch.” My favorite writing background noise is the sounds found at Starbucks. I loooove writing at Starbucks.

4. Caffeine – Duh… Coffee is always good, but pop works too. (Yes, I’m from Michigan, we call it “pop” not “soda.)

5. Notes – I’m not a plotter by any means. I often have no idea where my stories are going until I write them. But I love notebooks and will often jot down scene ideas, names, character bio’s, timelines, etc.

Next weekend I’ll be off to Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula for a week long writer’s retreat with Bron, Jenny, Kris, Leigh, and Jessica… I can’t wait to have a whole week of time to write! Although like I told the girls recently, if I don’t write a damn thing all week it’ll be okay because I’ll have a week away from work with lots of giggling. :)

You know the drill… Comment below (because I’m a comment whore), and check out the girls to see what they need to come up with their amazing fiction!


Wednesday Words: favorite Flicks

It’s time for another favorites post. This time we’re talking about our favorite movies. Have I mentioned how hard naming my favorites is for me to do? Yeah… Plus my landlord got a little crazy with the weed whacker today and cut our cable cord so I don’t have Wifi tonight. That means I’ll be posting via my phone and data plan… Grr. So this’ll probably be short.

I love movies. Love. Like, possibly more than I love books. I’ve been a movie junkie all my life and when I meet someone who doesn’t go see movies in the theater it really puzzles me. Yeah, I know that you can watch movies at home, but there’s something awesome about watching a movie in the theater on opening weekend with a full audience. I can vividly remember seeing the original Karate Kid and the crowd cheering when Daniel-San did the crane and kicked that bully’s ass in the tournament. That was a classic movie moment that was made even more awesome by the environment of the theater and the crowd.

Then of course there are book to movies and the midnight premieres. The Harry Potter premieres were all a blast and wouldn’t have been the same at home on DVD. Watching a film like HP with a theater full of people who love the series as much as you do is a wonderful thing.

So yep, I love movies. I’m also very weird so I have a very eclectic mix of favorites. Looking at my DVD’s I have a strange bunch of movies. Crossroads (Brittney Spears is one of my girlfriends and it’s a musical and features Anson Mount), Footloose (the remake… Dance movie, duh!), six of the Harry Potters, High School Musical 3 (music, dancing, Zac Efron), Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Angelina Jolie… Another girlfriend), Original Sin (Angie again and a really hot sex scene with Antonio Banderes), Phantom of the Opera (Gerry Butler and b’way), Practical Magic, City of Bones, Rent (my favorite b’way show), Step Up (1,2, and 4… Still need 3), 4 of the 5 Twilight’s, Under the Tuscan Sun, Love Actually (Diane Lane… Another girlfriend), The Holiday (Jude Law… Yum) Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas, and You Got Served (LOL, don’t hate!). So as you can see, I like chick flicks, dance movies, musicals, muppets, angels, and vampire/werewolves. LOL

Fave movies that I don’t own include Grease, Grease 2 (I don’t care if it’s lame, I love it!), Empire Records (“It’s Rex Manning Day!”), Finding Nemo, Lilo & Stitch, Real Steel, Man of Steel (oh Henry!!!), Goonies, Ten Things I Hate About You, A Knight’s Tale, Overboard, and Satisfaction to name a few.

Like I said, I’m an odd duck. :)

So tell me what your weirdest favorite movies are. :) Then check out my girls to see what they like. I have a feeling their favorites are going to be waaaay different. Like Jane Austen type stuff and period pieces with castles and shit. LOL

BronwynKris • Jenny • Tess
Leigh • GwendolynJessica

Wednesday Words: Stress

This week our Wednesday topic is stress and what we do to combat it. If there’s one thing you should know about social workers it’s that although we teach self care, most of us also don’t follow our own advice. If you could look into my bedroom right now you’d see all sorts of signs that I’m overwhelmed, over stressed, and I’m not participating in good self care. I know I’m struggling, and I know I should be following the advice I give to clients. Buuuut, it’s easier to not do those things.

So let’s talk about my unhealthy ways of dealing with stress, shall we?

Sleep… Stressed out for me leads to sleep. I may have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep but I will stay in bed and snooze on and off all damn day if I can.

Avoidance… Sleep is one of my favorite tools of avoidance. I’m also good at using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tv, and online games to avoid the world. Reading is good too, I’ll read for hours if I can. These all lead to laundry that needs to be done, a bedroom that needs to be cleaned, nasty cat litter (and pissed off kitties), and overflowing trash cans. I’m super good at thinking that goes like this, “I should be writing case notes, but I really want to knit… I guess I’ll just go to bed/watch tv/do neither.”

As for the things I should be doing and things that generally work for me to reduce stress…

Creativity… Writing, knitting, crafting, photography, drawing, and basically anything that gets my creative flow going typically helps me feel better. It’s just that the guilt of being behind in work etc. sometimes stops me from doing the fun stuff. (See avoidance above).

Baby steps… I teach this to clients all the time, especially hoarders. Tasks don’t always have to be done in one shot. Even though it would be nice to get it done and over with, sometimes working on small bits and then taking a break works great. In other words, because I did a ton of paperwork earlier plus two home visits and a meeting, I give myself permission to work on my blog and not do any more paperwork til tomorrow. :)

Talk… I was just saying to a new client tonight about how important talking is. Whether you’re talking to a counselor, family member, friend, support group, your blog readers, coworker, or yourself you must keep talking! Holding things in is almost never good. Sometimes I’ll talk to myself in the car and just doing that helps me even though I’m the only one listening.

Pampering… No, I’m not talking about diapers. :) I’m talking about fun stuff like manicures, pedicures, hair cuts, hair color, yarn shopping, massage, dinner out, a movie double feature with a bestie, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from the carton in bed, a date with a kid who makes you giggle, and snuggling with your favorite furkid. Basically, do something good for yourself! And put your phone on vibrate or airplane mode if you can!

Plan Ahead… I usually suck at this one but when I do follow though with it, it’s great. I love a good countdown (my countdown app on my iPhone is wonderful!) and having things to look forward to can be a huge motivator. I just had a five day mini vacation and it was great but by the time I returned to work this morning I was already overwhelmed again. What got me through the day was this:


The Fault in our Stars movie on June 6th, Backstreet Boys on June 17, and my Writers Retreat on June 21! After that, I have my birthday in July and a Matt Nathanson/Gavin Degraw concert to look forward to as well. :)

And that’s about all I have for now. As I’ve been writing this I’ve been thinking about my messy bedroom and how perhaps I should go clean… Or you know, just go to bed. LOL

What’s your favorite method of self care?

Don’t forget to see what the other Wednesday girls are doing to de-stress!

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Wednesday Words: My dream yard?

Edit: My bad, I got caught up in the DWTS finale last night and left several of the links to the other blogs blank.  They’re all fixed now. :)

I laughed when I read this week’s topic. I’m such the opposite of someone who has a dream yard. Don’t get me wrong, I like gardens and crap but I’m no gardener. I don’t mow the lawn, pick weeds, or plant things. My favorite flowers are tulips because they magically pop up every year without having to do anything special with them. :)

So yeah… My dream yard isn’t really a yard, it’s this.


See how tiny the actual yard is? :) This is my friend’s cottage and I just LOVE being there. Being by the water makes me happy. I love to sit up at the top level of the deck with coffee and a laptop for writing. Or sitting at the end of the dock in one of these with a book:


Although I enjoy a pretty yard with soft grass and deliciously smelling flowers… I’ll take a shore any day!

The novella that I started forever ago is actually based in this cottage. Maybe one day it’ll get finished.

Sorry for the radio silence last week. I was crazy busy at work and the topic was shitty jobs. LOL I feel like I’ve bitched about shitty jobs around here enough that I was able to skip it. :D

Do you have a dream yard? Share pix below, and check out what the other Wednesday Ladies have to say!



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